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Not sure what I can do?

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elmosworld Fri 25-Sep-09 12:51:55

Hi all,

I have had appointments to see our paediatrician about DS (ASD), just a sort of review thingy and the past 4 times (over the space of 6 months) we have had an appointment booked, she has been off sick.

Nobody called to inform us she wouldn't be in to see us, which is what really annoys me.

That and the fact that its been 6 months!

Is there anything that I can do? Am I able to ask to see someone else? She is a really great paed but if my son needs to be monitored, he should be getting monitored?! By someone.

Thanks, not sure what anyone can suggest, just getting me wound up so thought I would write it lol.

MumOfThreeMonkeys Fri 25-Sep-09 16:22:44

I would asked to be referred to another pead- your son needs to be seen

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