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Interacting with the TV

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sodit Fri 25-Sep-09 09:21:31

ds1 (3 speech delay asd?) has been interacting more and more with the telly for example he will dance along with some music videos copying the moves. He also copies other actions people of the telly are doing. Yesterday he was watching something that had shapes on and he started drawing them with his finger in the air - something I have never taught him. This morning he is watching show me show me and has so far got up and danced and then froze when he was told to on the telly. He also stood there naming his body parts as they were doing so on the telly. I can not get him to do this, he will point if asked where are your...? or he will try to copy the word if i point to them and name them but he wil not answer whats this? obviously he does has his favourite programmes such as show me show me - it starts with counting so has his attention from the start.
Does anyone else have tv programmes that are particularly useful for their dc?

MumOfThreeMonkeys Fri 25-Sep-09 10:13:14

my dd 5 asd watches mama mia at least 7 times a day and sings all the songs- she won't sing for me. also hanna montana the movie and high school musical- she loves music, it the only thing that gets her attention smile. im really looking forward to the new fame movie coming out as she will love it!

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