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DD with SLD - (new worry she has now had two seizures)

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sadnog Thu 24-Sep-09 13:04:09

Hi, haven't posted on here for some time. Background info - DD(9) has SLD, was misdiagnosed with ADHD now possible ASD. Have just gone through very frustrating statementing process, named Special school but was told no places and she is now on waiting list, so has to remain at mainstream with additional support. In April DD had a seizure, completely out of the blue and unexpected. Went to A&E, spent a whole day at the hospital being moved from one place to another - was recalled for DD to have EEG. Results came back negative foe epilepsy and was told "it is common for children to have these one off episodes". Was very anxious for couple of months but no sign of another seizure. Then last Saturday morning at 8am, DD had another seizure. Shouted for me and told me she felt dizzy, then just went limp in my arms and started to convulse. Emergency response team sent me into Paed Ward at hospital, where they carried out all the usual tests and asked lots of questions, the outcome being that they are now referring her to a consultant but not repeating an EEG. Am so scared and worried for her. The frustrating part is not knowing what causes these seizures, I know she has only had 2 in 5 months but why have they suddenly just started happening, can they be linked to her SLDs? Sorry to rant for so long, I guess I just needed to vent, so much to worry about. Things just seem to keep getting added to the pile!! Anyone have any similar experiences or just words of comfort. I am on my own with DD & DS(11 with ADHD) so have no-one at home to sound off to.

Fluffypoms Thu 24-Sep-09 15:13:02

how worring for you, I havent any usefull info. hopefully the consultant can find a reason.

Marne Thu 24-Sep-09 18:09:43

How worrying, i'm not sure if seizures are linked to SLD but i know a lot of ASD children who also have seizures and epilepsy. My friend works at a ASD school and has quite a few pupils which have seizures. I hope the consultant can get to the bottom of it.

I have 2 girls with ASD, dd2 has come close to having seizures when she is unwell as she finds it hard to control her temp.

herjazz Fri 25-Sep-09 11:04:14

Hi sadnog

we are in a similarish situation, though my dd is younger than yrs (4) We are waiting for results from 48 hr mobile eeg

Quite possible for eeg to not pick up epileptic activity - so first clear eeg result does not mean no epilepsy

Has yr dd had an mri scan of her brain?

It is common for children with brain injuries / irregularities to have seizures. Although again, it is also possible to have isolated seizures as a result of fever etc

There are quite a few folk here who's dc have epilepsy - and a long running epilepsy thread where folk will be able to give more info / support

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