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Not sleeping! Help Needed

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Fluffypoms Wed 23-Sep-09 21:20:13

Posted a few times we are trying to get dx for dd2 [= {slow development,absences ect}

I have told the pead that dd wakes in the night sceaming and goes ridged and throws herself around and neither myself nor DH can comfort her..

she asked where they night terrors but our dd1 has these and doesnt appear tobe the same thing, DD2 screams like she is in pain?

its really taking its toll on us all and i feel so guilty that there isnt anything we can do for dd2.
I have seen mentioned a sleeping medication that some of you use? who would i ask about this for dd? we are not seeing pead again till jan as have been refered to neuro at gosh,and a physio. and maybe community pead.

or would i just ask GP any advice would be fantastic.
Thank you smile

Embrace Wed 23-Sep-09 21:33:37

For my dd i use melatonin and lavendar essential oil. Works really well for me - not so much for my son!!

feelingbetter Wed 23-Sep-09 22:21:36

Trouble is, as I understand it (and I may be wrong!) melatonin helps them get off to sleep, but not stay asleep.

I sympathise as my DS has never slept through the night (unless he's ill - then we don't sleep anyway) and is often awake 4 or 5 times, sometimes every hour (grrrrrrrr!). It is exhausting.

Think only a paed or neuro could prescribe melatonin for you if it was thought to be beneficial.

Have heard medised (I think) mentioned too, but have not used it myself.

Fluffypoms Wed 23-Sep-09 22:25:43

Thanks, Just not sure what to do with dd just wish i could comfort her.. but nothing works sad

r3dh3d Wed 23-Sep-09 23:13:28

I'd check the medised with the paed. Apparently sedation and Epilepsy don't mix well.

It may be a different type of partial seizure, what used to be called an "aura". Sometimes they can manifest as strange smells or flashing lights or sensations of fear. DD1 used to get The Fear, but currently seems to get an "ants on her face" sensation.

Is there a pattern to it, ie is it happening at regular times? That should indicate what phase of sleep it is in which might narrow the options of what is causing it. DD1 has seizures at 8:30 and 10:30 every night. To the point where you can set your watch by it. But it's not that the seizures wake her up - rather that she goes through a natural sleep cycle in the first half of the night which means she partially wakes at those times, and the change in brain pattern as she wakes triggers the seizure.

Fluffypoms Thu 24-Sep-09 10:19:39


thats interesting as the nights dd does wake screaming the next day is usually when we notice the absences more?

will see if there is a pattern to it.

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