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medical insurance and ASD assessment

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catkinq Wed 23-Sep-09 20:13:50

Anyone know how easy it is to get ASD assessments paid for? Our GP has referred dd and ds1 to CAMS but has also said that it would be a good idea to get ds1 assessed separately by a behavioural psycologist - not sure if that is to rule out or rule in ASD. The insurance company AXA say that the particular chappie is listed on theri "allowable list" but as a psycologist not a psycyatrist and that usually they only pay for psycyatrists but that it will depend on presicely what the referral letter said. I'm now confused as I thought that any assessment to rule in or out ASD woul dbe medical - the insurance man kept goig non about how they didn't cover educational psycologists and I kept saying that I knew that but that this was a behavioural psycologist. Any advice? Has anyone claimed on insurence for ASD? Is it classed as medical or behavioural?

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