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6 1/2 yo dd apes adult talk without having a clue what she is talking about

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joburg Wed 23-Sep-09 12:13:21

... i mean she uses intonations, tones and in a totally innapropriate way. Not only innapropriate but usually without any connection to the real disscusion. She became really annoying lately when she started using all these 'adult' tones, preaching everybody around her. She doesn't seem to distinguish between her telling a younger child what to do or an adult. She copies her teacher's voice to talk to whoever is in her way. Those tones, i could cope with, no matter how annoying, but the fact that a 6yo can't make the difference between how to talk to an adult or a child worries me (despite the long talks we had about respect, differences among ages etc ... she just can't get it). What can it be???? why is she doing it??? am i doiong smth wrong in teaching her or do we really have a problem?

Marne Wed 23-Sep-09 13:38:36

Hi, joburg, does your dd have sn? or are you worried that her behaviour means she might have SN?

The reason why i ask is that my daughter tends to use intonations, she's 5 years old and has a dx of Aspergers, i can also remember my step daughter doing this at the same age as your dd (my step daughter is NT as far as i know).

asdx2 Wed 23-Sep-09 13:50:53

My dd does the same but she has an autism diagnosis so much of her speech is echoed. She not only uses adult tones but also different accents depending on where she has picked the language up from.
A couple of dd's friends also use adult intonation and I can remember odd children who did the same when my other children were 5 or 6. From what I know of them they were all pretty able academivally and spent a lot of time in adults company but didn't appear to have special needs.

joburg Thu 24-Sep-09 10:17:47

DD has been diagnosed with sensory integration problems but from here to her strange way of speaking (strange in the way that even i, as an adult, get irritated, not to mention children who get really uppset), i don't really know where we are (by the way, she has managed to scare away several of her friends .... i can only imagine it's her way of behaving and talking that make the kids unconfortable with visiting us any more) And it's so difficult to find ways of explaining to her why her friends suddenly stop playing with us .... It's just so hard and painful ....

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