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applying to caudwell.

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staryeyed Mon 21-Sep-09 22:16:13

I applied the week before last it only took 2 years to do grin and have already received the second application form the first one I sent of was very detailed with all incomings and outgoings. Im finding the second one very intrusive -it asks all sorts of q's about assets (value of car and house) which I think is a bit much.Its really putting me off the only thing stopping me is that we really need the money to get ds1 treatment. Can anyone tell me is this the final form or will they have more for me to fill in?

sarah293 Tue 22-Sep-09 09:10:34

Message withdrawn

masonicpixiesreadthedailymail Tue 22-Sep-09 16:56:07

photocopy it after then the next time you apply for something somewhere else the info is pretty much all there

good thing with cauldwell is that you will hear something decision wise pretty quickly

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