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3 year old having seizures..any info would be useful

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evaangel2 Mon 21-Sep-09 20:12:46


I am new to this SN boards so here goes...

brief history

5 weeks ago ds2 had his first seizure, he slided to the floor he went floppy, vacant expression on his face but no muscle twitching,lasting 15 secs went to A & E told he possibly had absence convulsion prior to this 4 hours before he banged the back of his head, cried a little after a cuddle then ran off to play with his older brother..
2nd seizure 2 weeks later then week later another seizure

he has been referred to the epileptic specialist nurse, who say they will investigate further

they are seeming to dismiss the head injury, gp and casualty docs, ok it may not have been a real blow that left him dizzy or sick, do you think this just may be coincidental?

any info or advice will be appreciated thanks

missmarples Mon 21-Sep-09 20:49:29

does your child have any other health issues ? do you have a family history of epilepsy ? if no then personally, i think i would push for a CT Scan just to rule out the head injury - do you have a sympathic doctor you can talk to ? you could try and raise your fears and see what they say ? it does sound rather coincidental ...... good luck and sorry but you might need to start shouting....

evaangel2 Mon 21-Sep-09 21:47:42

Thanks for your reply

No he has no other health issues, he is just an average boisterious boy who jumps of furniture, plays and gets excited

After the first seizure the nurse and doctor checked him over temp, pupils, ears, chest and said he seemed fine and dismissed the head injury

They observed him after 2 seizures in A&E and seem to think that this may just be childhood thing and he may grow out of it

I seem to spend all my time saying to my two boys "Calm down" lol

the older boy who is 14 has ADHD and they seem to feed of each others hyperactivity

Also every seizure happens late at night when ds is over tired, I have asked my gp for him to be referred for a CT scan and she says the neurolgy clinic will do this

missmarples Mon 21-Sep-09 22:05:40

well it sounds like you are doing all you can, if you want to get things going and if he unfortunately has another seizure then i would call an ambulance and go to a & e and don't leave til you have an appointment for a solution - sorry if this seems hard - we have done 8 years in the system and if you sit around and wake then they let you....... its not right but them that shout loudest .......
our seizures are brain injury related before birth but i think its rare for it to just start - i think it is too conincental - sorry i know they did all the obs but having a child with seizures every day they don't know everything - not even the top people know what is going on with the brain - we had an 3 day eeg and they could not explain the activity going on..... sorry if this is scary ..... oh and i have 2 boys and yes the calm down is often shouted smile boys.... wink
hugs xx

r3dh3d Mon 21-Sep-09 22:11:01

How old is he?

r3dh3d Mon 21-Sep-09 22:11:03

How old is he?

evaangel2 Mon 21-Sep-09 22:17:38

3 years old

sarah293 Tue 22-Sep-09 09:16:07

Message withdrawn

r3dh3d Tue 22-Sep-09 09:42:48

Tbh, it may just be a question of getting "in the system". My experience is that general paeds know very little about seizures, except for febrile convulsions, which are pretty common and harmless. Given the time of year (and that kids are going down with stuff all over the place) they may just be assuming it's something like that unless it gets worse, and meantime they are leaving all the specialist investigation to the Epilepsy team that you are queueing to see. Including CT scan, they may only do that if they think it is "proper" seizures rather than just FC. However, a CT scan is a relatively quick thing to arrange so I'm surprised they didn't just do one then and there.

It is possible to "just start" having Epilepsy as Riv says. DD1 has major brain oddness and Just Started at about 9 months. But without any physical brain problems, it's still possible to just start - in fact there's a whole group of Epilepsies called the "ideopathic epilepsies of childhood" which are due chemical imbalance or something, nothing to see on a scan, and usually turn up around age 4 (due to the brain maturing) and may well be grown out of later, after puberty, say. They tend to run in the family, though not always.

So ... not very helpful I'm afraid but you can't say what you are looking at at this stage. If the seizures are getting more frequent then you need to start pushing to see a specialist. Are they all still absences? The comforting thing is that if it is Epilepsy, an absence is a pretty benign form of seizure, it's not doing him any harm in the meantime.

nightcat Tue 22-Sep-09 11:08:42

idiopathic epilepsy can also be a rare symptom of coeliac

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