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Can anyone who has a DC with Dyspraxia give me some advice about helping them maintain/make freindships ?

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josben Sun 20-Sep-09 22:48:36

DS1 is 8 and he has gone to bed very upset tonight, he has said that he has no friends in his year (year 4) This is the first time that he has said this and has seemed upset about it. I know that he struggles a bit with friendships as he was only invited to one party last year at school - (that really upset me) He does have a couple of good friends, although they seem to be moving on from him...

He hasn't been dx with dyspraxia but his teacher has expressed concerns that he might be - but then his teacher said he wouldn;t refer him as he didn't seem 'bad enough' and he thought it would be the wrong thing to single DS1 out....

i have thought that DS1 has been dyspraxic since year 1, but I just thought it was mild and so haven't pushed the school to do anything. But tonight it broke my heart to hear him say that he has no friends... I'm just not sure how I can help him....? sad

leamac Mon 21-Sep-09 11:30:50

Hi there

my 10 year old son has DCD just the same as dyspraxia

Don't worry, if your son has been ok up to now and this is the first he has mentioned it, its possibly nothing to worry about, he has probably had a small fall out with his friends or has been excluded from a game ans has felt left out, keep you eye on it and if it continues speak to the school to see how he is in the playground etc. my son very often plays alone but is happy to do so, but is popular to, he is himself chooses when and who to play with and this means the ball is in his court, my sons friends are all a year younger than him and I am happy with this as he is happy, he is more at their level and they are at his, I am certain he will be fine and I am sure next week he will have his best friend or a group of friends

claw3 Mon 21-Sep-09 13:29:57

Could you invite the children who he is already friendly with round to play? this might encourage friendship.

trunkybun Mon 21-Sep-09 15:15:32

My son is also eight and has been diagnosed with Dyspraxia. He has always struggled with friendships because:

He finds it hard to follow the rules to games he is unfamiliar with.

Unintentionally bumps/runs into people.

Interrupts others and tries to dominate the conversation.

Invades others personal space.

Doesn't 'get' teasing or sarcasm, takes everything literally and believes practically everything he is told.

All of this leads to lots of misunderstandings with his peers and one of the good things about him having a diagnosis and being identified as having special needs means that he gets help at school with all these areas.

I know that it is so hard to see your child upset in this way, and I have also found that that it is hard to pin down what exactly the problem is. When I have asked DS if anything has happened at school, he finds it very hard to recall events, and really is at a loss to know what he has done to make his friends fall out with him.

I would talk to his teacher again and ask if he/she is aware that he is having problems. maybe someone could keep an eye on him in the playground. In the past my son has been made a playground helper assisting the playground supervisors when he has been friendlesssad

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