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Frrl a total fool

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mumof8kids Sun 20-Sep-09 20:34:05


I went with Ds4 to see the pead on friday as part of his application for statment thing. Went really well he did exactly what i needed him to had major tantrum on way in because he couldnt stay watching bubbles in water, then paced about flapping ect ect. She has said he will need full time support.

Told this to his support worker at nursery and when she asked how I was I just cried, why? a million reasons just don';t know what to do for the best or how to do it. If he had a limb missing could cope bettter with it as know exactly what it is.

Am worried about him starting school in Jan as don't think he is ready and am having second thoughts that a main stream school, although greatly supportive would be right. (they have said he can stay in nursery education till september if i prefer)

sorry to rattle on just feel so stupid

misscutandstick Sun 20-Sep-09 21:53:03

There isnt a girl amongst us who hasnt blubbed at some point - and its usually a release.

It also usually happens when someone innocently asks "are you OK?" because until that point one can hold it together (just about), and then someone shows they care and its like the sluice gates open!

I hold my hand up and confess i have done it on more than one (or a few!) occasions.

Please dont feel silly, as mums of SN children we do tend to bottle emotion up, so that we can do what needs to get done, and just occasionally we act like every other 'normal' mum does and blubs. And you know what? it usually helps destress about everything - the woman who asked does not mind at all, otherwise she wouldnt have asked at all.

<<<HUGS>>> XXX

mysonben Sun 20-Sep-09 23:20:28

You are not a fool at all, you are a loving mum that's what you are.
It's absolutely normal to feel emotional and cry sometimes, and we all do it.
And it's good to let it out sometimes too even if it doesn't feel nice at the time.
I hope you feel better now smile xx

Phoenix4725 Mon 21-Sep-09 06:33:32

please don`t feel fool for crying .I have lost it alot this wekend ,thinking taking shares out in tissues company

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