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I couldn't possibly eat from plastic Mother!!

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eidsvold Mon 06-Jun-05 03:56:37

What has happened to dd1!! I went to change dd2 and could hear dd1 in the kitchen cupboards instead of sitting at her table and eating her snack. I figured it sounded harmless.

On my return I find her sitting at her table eating her sultanas from

one of my good Mikasa ( expensive fine bone china - 21st present) little oval plates. The plastic bowl has been discarded on the floor and she is sitting on her chair daintily picking up her sultanas one at a time - pinky finger extended!!

What a shame she went and spoilt it by letting rip with two huge burps and when I said pardon you - she replied by saying pig and doing the makaton sign to me!!

eidsvold Mon 06-Jun-05 04:16:02

oh just remembered - some good news - we pick up a walker for dd1 tomorrow and hopefully her orthotic inserts are also ready!!

She has been walking all through the house with her pram and if we take it to friends she does it then too. So hopefully she will find this walker a big help to give her the confidence to walk largely unaided.

happymerryberries Mon 06-Jun-05 06:28:34

So nice to see a child with style and standards!

Fio2 Mon 06-Jun-05 10:03:53

and rofl at the burping pig

LGJ Mon 06-Jun-05 10:28:30


MandM Mon 06-Jun-05 10:40:34

I love a child with style!!!!

BTW Eidsvold - the walker will hopefully be a revelation for you. Since dd has had hers it has made her (and ours!) life so much easier. She can now get around the house when she wants/needs to and can even go out on the cul-de-sac and play with the other children (who all want to take turns at using her frame!!!). She just needs to master the art of the 3 point turn, as at the moment she is like a remote control car - once she comes face to face with a wall or piece of furniture she is snookered - she just stands there shouting "Mummy, Daddy, stuck, stuck, turn, turn" until we go and swivel her round again!
No hope for your paint work and table legs though I'm afraid!

eidsvold Mon 06-Jun-05 11:02:19

I am hoping that is the case mandM - she has a dolls pram that she uses along with the walls etc to help her walk in the house - but not practical for outside - hopefully the walker will help when we are at playgroup etc.

Twiglett Mon 06-Jun-05 11:03:11


frogs Mon 06-Jun-05 11:06:55

I hope you can keep her in the style to which she is becoming accustomed!

Davros Mon 06-Jun-05 11:09:12

How funny, the madam/pig! She sounds like she's really doing well Eidsvold. Hope the walker helps too.

Angeliz Mon 06-Jun-05 11:22:55

I read the title and thought this was someone having a go at bottle feeders as i read it 'plastic-mother'

LOL at the last line

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