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Dd2 is signing, proud mummy

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Marne Fri 18-Sep-09 13:09:06

Dd2 started signing last year but would only sign 'please', i kind of gave up on the idea of signing as i was told 'most ASD children won't sign'.

Yesterday we were watching 'mr tumble' and dd2 started signing a long with Justin and now she keeps asking me for 'cake' by signing and talking.

So now i have to keep giving dd2 cake because she looks so cute when she signs 'cake'. grin

waitingforgodot Fri 18-Sep-09 13:20:13

clever girl!! Thats great!

Barmymummy Fri 18-Sep-09 13:29:17

You know, reading threads like this completely make my day and bring such a huge smile to my face smile

Clever girl and keep asking mummy for that caske wink grin

DeepThoughts Fri 18-Sep-09 13:30:21

That is really sweet x

misscutandstick Fri 18-Sep-09 18:11:16

yay!!! what fabby news!!!

'cake' was one of DS5's (hes autistic too) first signs as well! it took him 18mths to start signing back to me, but now 6mths later, hes got about 80 signs - im sure it wont be long till your DD is churning them out too! well done your DD!!!

RaggedRobin Fri 18-Sep-09 21:26:27

clever dd! and she picked a good word to start with!

moondog Fri 18-Sep-09 21:57:41

Fantastic!! (Mkae sure you don't give hr too much caKE AT ONE TIME THOUGH.tHE SMALLER THE PIECE, THE MORE MOTIVATED SHE WILL BE TO SIGN 'cake'.

Oh AND Miss, fantastic to hear about your ds's progress. 80 signs eh???
Brilliant, what a star.

phlebas Fri 18-Sep-09 22:57:56

That's fabulous

I love signing ... ds now has 54 signs, it has completely changed our lives. One of his first was cake too!

moondog Fri 18-Sep-09 23:07:11

Wonderful Phlebas.
How was it for you getting started for using them?

phlebas Fri 18-Sep-09 23:16:58

He started out just by watching Mr Tumble! I struggle to stay ahead of him now - he picks them up so quickly - I have a couple of makaton books (from BIBIC) & we're organising makaton training for us/tutors/CM/grandma etc through our ABA consultant.

He's using verbs now & has started putting signs together (e.g. monkey drawing paper to describe what happens in his favourite video).

moondog Fri 18-Sep-09 23:26:44

Brilliant re putting together.That's a huge developmental step.Mr Tumble deserves a medal, frankly for all he has done to promote signing.

Phoenix4725 Sat 19-Sep-09 07:10:18

Thats great news really is when ds started signing back after 18 months of me doin it is such a huge sense of relief that they can communicate and can ask or is that demand things lol

misscutandstick Sat 19-Sep-09 16:13:38

phlebas, thats brilliant!

DS5 doesnt generally put signs together unless hes frantic about something and then we get every sign he can think of wether or not its relevant! grin

The other day he needed a sign that he didnt have, so adapted 'jumping' to 'spin me round on the chair' by making circular movement to jumping legs sign. grin

moondog Sat 19-Sep-09 17:35:57

Wow, Miss!!
That shows really developed language skills.

Marne Sat 19-Sep-09 18:34:51

Thank you grin, i gave her a sandwich earlier and she signed 'bread', lots of words today too even though she spent the morning in A&E.

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