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special needs all terrain/jogger buggy advice anyone

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oxtig Thu 17-Sep-09 15:52:25

Hi, My daughter, size and height of a 4 yr old, is in a plaster body cast that is rigid and heavy (goes from over shoulders to low on the hips). I've just bought her an Easylife buggy and it fits her but she hates the hammock seat. I think in particular she dislikes the way it is so reclined and her legs are so high in the air. Does anyone know of an all terrain speciaL needs buggy that is reasonably upright please? Or maybe you have had to adapt your all terrain buggy and can give me hints on this please? Presumably because of the cast Abi doesn't need too much support. I guess she just feels like a tortoise upside down on it's shell in reclined pushchairs.

Am currently looking at Special Tomato jogger but reluctant to buy anything else without trying or advice as have already owned 8 pushchairs since her birth. The only 2 she has liked did have a horizontal seat rather than tipping her legs in the air and were quite upright. We are expecting a Maclaren Major Elite from wheelchair services but would love to be able to walk over the meadows behind our house as well as town.

Any suggestions at all extremely appreciated.


2shoes Thu 17-Sep-09 22:31:31


SJisontheway Thu 17-Sep-09 22:47:15

Hi - we have the tomato jogger, It is quite upright (although does have a recline position too). One thing some people don't like is that their legs are still fairly stetched out font in them, rather than bent 90 degrees. My DD is 3 and very content in hers. There is loads of growing room for her. It is very good on rough terrain and very easy to steer. It's not that compact though - I couldn't get it into my parents boot the other day. If size is not a big issue, I would reccomend this buggy.

jjones Thu 17-Sep-09 23:47:17

I have a urban detour from mothercare. it isn't special needs but has loads of room. ds3 is a big 3.3 and still has loads of growing room. The seat is quite up right and quite supportive. I bought mine from ebay and it has been the best buggy I have ever had, just had a lookon mothercare website and they only have th vista which is the compact model but there are loads on ebay.

Marne Fri 18-Sep-09 08:24:42

We have had the Urban detour, they are big and easy to push, at the moment we use a Jane powertrack which i can fit my 5.5 year old in.

oxtig Mon 21-Sep-09 01:47:26

thank you very much for your help. We've boughta mountain buggy xl type buggy which looks okay although we need to search for extendable handles.

thanks, Sue

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