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Some days i can't stand it anymore...(Sorry long!)

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mysonben Wed 16-Sep-09 12:49:09

This week has not been nice starting with DS's meltdown on Monday morning, re: new doctor's surgery.

Yesterday he was having tantrums, crying fits every 5 mins, because i had turned the bedroom light on instead of him, because he didn't want to take his cap off or backpack when we got to nursery (he likes to have his cap on,...even indoors), then he had a mini meldown because he wanted me to make him a robot out of this piece of garden wire tie, and the robot was wrong, ie: different to the last one and i couldn't remember what it had looked liked last time.

Today, he will go on and on about wanting the dvd on, and he has already watched it twice so he is driving nuts.
He will ignore me when i ask him to do something, he keeps snatching everything from DD and make her cry.
We have to repeat the same things to him all the time and he will keep doing them or he doesn't understand,...
I'm tired of his jargoning, i wish he could talk properly! It's always a guessing game when he talks.

As you can see i'm having another bad , totally fed up day. Everything is a battle, His issues are mild but he can be so difficult at times.
He is a lovely boy underneath the asd shell, and i love him so much but there are days when it just get too much, and i want to crawl up somewhere and forget. sad

troutpout Wed 16-Sep-09 12:59:54

Yes i know those days of wanting to get off the autism bus very well (i didn't buy a ticket ffs!)
I don't know what to say mysonben. Except i am 100% certain that it will get easier at some point soon. LOL... Not saying it won't get hard again mind...but ykwim smile.
Go easy on yourself. Is there something that is making him especially difficult and wanting to go through these rituals so much atm do you think?

mysonben Wed 16-Sep-09 13:13:34

Thanks Troutpout,
hmm, i'm not sure but he has been difficult for the past three weeks , since my parents went back home (he had been adorable during their stay), DS is always saying "i coming with you mummy, coming with you" even when i'm not going anywhere hmm
Plus ...i hate to say this he had his MMR booster not long ago, although it could be coincidence. Not sure what to think...

sickofsocalledexperts Wed 16-Sep-09 13:24:14

Are there any sanctions you can use with him which work to make him stop tantrumming or snatching?? Otherwise he is just wearing you down and getting his own way through sheer bad behaviour - as my nf daughter was doing last night when I asked her for the 15th time to go for her bath! Of course it's easier with her as I just removed her favourite DVD from her for a good long time , shouted a lot and that did the trick. Sometimes it's not the autism, it's just naughty imho and I never let my autistic boy get away with behaving like a brat either, though sometimes I do let it slip for a quiet life. I know how hard it is, and how some days you feel on top of it and other times you just feel worn down/out!

5inthebed Wed 16-Sep-09 13:28:41

Sounds like you're having as bad a time as me. It's no fun is it.

Could it maybe be the new routine of school? Or maybe he is coming own with something?

DS2 goes crazy if anyone else dares open the front door except him. Takes hours for him to calm down, so I really feel for you about the light switch.

Barmymummy Wed 16-Sep-09 15:33:00

Big hugs myson, its the pits isn't it sad

Am having rough time too as you know. No real advice I am afraid but if it helps DS had a big meltdown/tantrum this morning at 7.15am for 45 mins simply because he wouldn't get dressed. Came out of nowhere. One minute it was hello mummy, can I have some breakfast please? And the next he was possessed. 45 mins later he was a snotty snivelling mess. Thought we were going to be late for school but he wore himself out and he stopped as fast as he started hmm

Can only suggest that things have been out of routine during the hols and he is having to re-adjust back again. I think you should move in with your mum grin

Big big hugs, am on fb if you need me, x

mysonben Wed 16-Sep-09 21:42:07

Thank you ladies for your replies.

Only just sat down to pc, took DS at his eye appointment at hospital this afternoon, done shopping, diner, kids to bed,...

SickOFSOCEX. DS has varied reactions to warnings and sanctions, some days better than others. We find 'time out' works better than taking away a fave toy which would bring on full tantrum. He doesn't quite get bribery yet, so no use there.

Generally if he does manage to stop whining and tantruming it's often short lived, and he'll be back on the double being a nuisance again within 5 or 10 mins.
He will be taping my arm constantly while grizzeling "mummyyyy..." and keeps repeating "dvd" or whatever else he wants at the time. If i say "no" then the whining becomes cries, then tantrum,...
This can go on and on for hours.
When he is like that he totally wears me down!
Of course we get the out of nowhere tantrum as well. Because he doesn't want to bath, or get dressed, or go somewhere, or because someone else has turned a light on , or opened or closed a door, or pressed the buttons for the tv or dvd player instead of him,...the list is long.

Like Barmmymummy said rightly "it is the pits"!!!
Let's hope this bad phase soon fades a bit.

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