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Anyone know how long it takes to get registered on Adders?

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r3dh3d Tue 15-Sep-09 20:45:43

Cos on other forums it's an automated thing and it just sends you a mail and you click on it. Which is what I think they said they would do ... but no automated mail back yet. Am wondering if I spelled my email address wrong? [oops]

daisy5678 Tue 15-Sep-09 21:20:45

It takes a while as it's not automated.

Be VERY cautious on that website though. After the freedom of speech here, you will notice a big difference there!

r3dh3d Tue 15-Sep-09 21:23:21

Thanks for the heads up smile ... er ... meaning what, precisely? (she said, mindful of the bits of her pre-screening questionnaire which asked about her ability to read the metatext of conversations! grin) Do you mean that people take offence more easily? Or is there a party line?

streakybacon Wed 16-Sep-09 06:59:12

I seem to remember having to go in and look for some link or other to register my membership - it's a while ago now so can't be sure.

Agree with givememoresleep - it's a strange place and should be approached with caution. Lots of huns grin, some dubious advice and much of the 'support' is no more than "Oh I know how you feel, terrible isn't it?"

Oh, and you'll find whole lumps of words missed out sometimes because the letters make a rude word, to the extent that you can't work out the meaning (eg Essex would show as Es*). It's not very MN in its attitude towards swearing wink.

Good luck though!

daisy5678 Wed 16-Sep-09 17:41:14

It's very very pro-meds and there is a doctor from S.Africa who is on there as the resident expert who claims that not giving meds is tantamount to child abuse and claims that meds solve everything. Therefore if a child with ADHD is having trouble it must be because either they're not medicated or the doctor isn't giving the right dose!

Granted, both of those are a possibility, but I found it draining that everything was always said to be down to that.

There are some good people on there but it's definitely Not Like Here. There have been mass bannings in the past for such sins as daring to criticise any member of the admin team.

Oh, the other massive bugbear they have is about links. You can't post any links without waiting for admin approval. Which can take days. And as a lot of people on there have ADHD, patience isn't often in large supply! Even ones from the BBC website etc. aren't allowed without emailing it first.

So if someone does, it's removed. Not checked and removed if a problem, but just removed, and left with a message saying it's been deleted for not having sought approval. You can almost imagine the joy of power surge that accompanied putting the announcement up, knowing that the link could just be checked and left, but knowing that they'd chosen to make a point.

I dunno. Like I said, lots of good people on there, but the heavy-handedness of the admin team and the stubborn attitude of the doctor does my head right in at times.

daisysue2 Wed 16-Sep-09 20:03:24

Yes I would agree with givememoresleep. It is a strange place and I have been told off many times for asking for my login again as they never seem to work if you haven't posted for a few weeks. You can end up feeling quite negative getting told off by the admin team. Also Dr Billy the expert is very pro drugs and if you dare say you don't agree with him you are in for a very strong argument/telling off about how you are abusing your child by not medicating them. But saying that there are some interesting threads but you do find that there is some dubious advice so do look further than that website for advice. When I posted it tended to be very neutral as I was terrified of the backlash, especially if you post on ask the expert. Once you get your sign on details do read through the postings first, especially Dr Billy and then you will get the idea. But if you just want an idea of what life is like being the parent of and ADHD child it's quite interest, although nowhere near as good as mumsnet.

r3dh3d Thu 17-Sep-09 06:43:02

Oh thanks so much guys. That's v v helpful, I'll be able to read it with the benefit of your hindsight iyswim. smile

The thing is, it's not for either DD, it's for me. I am (at the age of 43) going through the early stages of assessment for adult ADHD. I've done the screening questionnaires and they're calling me in for a 3-hour interview thing and I'd quite like to know what that entails and mumsnet isn't the place because they'll be asking me quite different questions etc. I don't mind the meds angle because I'd seriously like to give the meds a bash, mostly because with all DD1's meds and appointments and stuff you need some level of functioning memory just to keep her alive and we've had too many close calls recently. blush.

daisy5678 Thu 17-Sep-09 20:29:00

The adult bit is a bit less crazy than the parents bits.

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