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Having meeting with Autisic outreach teacher lunchtime - any advice what to ask?

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starfish71 Tue 15-Sep-09 11:12:36

The ASD Outreach teacher is calling up to our house to see myself and DH to answer some questions and go through what happens next. Am really anxious (all seeming it too real now). She won't be going in to observe DS until middle of next month but felt after talking to me on the phone that I could do with a more detailed chat. I do, I do!
Just wondering what other mums have had contact with outreach teachers and how helpful are they? thanks

starfish71 Tue 15-Sep-09 22:50:37

Hello - haven't had any reply but want to say that meeting went well (upsetting as in stuff we take as ds just being ds may be more than just that). As she is not going in to observe ds until next month (and after having feedback from OT) said I said ask SENCO at school (find her very difficult TBH) to ask for ED Physch to come in to assess DS. Seno not very happy said that she will ask ED Physch but it is not usual to do things in this order and usually ASD teacher would report back to ED Physch before assessing. Oh it is very complicated and sorry for rambling - been a long day - having a glass of wine just to relax..

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 16-Sep-09 07:24:37


How old is your DS?.

Have they ever mentioned Statementing to you?. BTW you can personally apply to the LEA for a Statement of special needs; you do not need schools permission to do this.

How is he finding school?.

SENCO seems unhelpful; sounds like she does not want the extra work associated with getting the EP in. Could not say whether it is usual practice or otherwise to talk to Autism Outreach first before getting the EP in.

You will need to be both persistant and on the ball to deal with this lot.

starfish71 Wed 16-Sep-09 11:04:36

My DS is 5.9 and not too keen on going to school as he says it is too noisy. They find it bit difficult to engage ds in doing anywork but I have noticed since chatting to his new teacher they are trying to encourage him a bit more. The OT who DS has been seeing since Jan told me that she feels he needs 1-2-1 and that having a statement would ensure he gets the help she feels he needs. She told me that the EP needs to go in and assess him. After my meeting with ASD outreach yest she said to tell senco she wants to start ball rolling - obviously I could tell she wasn't keen and I have rang OT this morning and waiting for her to ring me back. Am sure she wouldn't have told me lightly that she felt DS needed more assessements if it wasn't necessary. I will go over their heads if I get no sense - Senco getting back to me tomorrow. Am stressed and worried. Thanks Attila

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 16-Sep-09 11:13:14

Hi starfish,

EPs work for the LEA and are under pressure not to do statements but don't let that or any naysayers stop you.

If you get no joy apply for it yourself, you know also its been done then. Also you can appeal the LEA's decision in the event they say no.

IPSEA have model letters you can use re the Statementing process:-
Also the NAS (National Autistic SOciety) can advise if you have not already made contact with them.

Also if you can read the SEN Code of Practice as well do so (think this is online); this is also helpful.

BTW have you applied for DLA for your son?.

Bumping this again for you, hopefully you'll get other replies as well


starfish71 Wed 16-Sep-09 11:24:41

I haven't even thought about DLA. will look into it and also look at that website. When I said to his teacher at home time yest that I was told to ask Senco to get EP to come in he replied "Oh we had a lovely morning today with DS" Well thats ok then I obviously don't have anything to worry about do I?!! Am having to toughen myself up for this process - having read other threads now it won't be an easy path.

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