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AAAARGHHH MIL and her lack of compassion (long)

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5inthebed Mon 14-Sep-09 21:45:47

I hate my MIL, really I do. SHe has no compassion for DS2, and its getting to me. Friday was the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.

On Friday, I had to take DS3 (9months) to an emergency appointment at docs as he was poorly, but it was at half 11, and ds2 needed collected from school at 12 so she said she would get her BIL to take her along to the school and get him for me. Fair enough, really nice of her, except ds2 is a bit scared of him. I told her that she would definitely need to go in and get him and not to send BIL in. So I finish at the docs, ds3 has a viral infaction and get some medicine for him for temperature. She says that DS2 got a bit upset when she collected him, and that his TA had to help take him to the car sad. Felt awful as I thought he would be fine.

Took him to school today, and I got a completely different story, which I am seething about. MIL didn't collect him, she sat in the car while her BIL went in and got him. DS2 had a complete meltdown when he saw BIL, screaming "no BIL, no BIL", shaking, grabbing and nipping his TA and wouldn't let go of her. The TA and his teacher had to take him to the car, still kicking and screaming, while MIL just sat there and looked on angry. She never even got off her lazy arse to give him a cuddle to comfort him, to let him know she was there. The TA had to put him in the car, seatbelt him in, and all the time he was still screaming and saying "sit here TA, sit with ds2". sad MIL never even mentioned any of this.

I just feel so betrayed by her. I know he would be fine if she had collected him and put him in the car. He can be a bit funny with new looking modes of transport (but he has been in BILs car a few time with me) so would have been fine seeing a familiar face.

She was one of two people I trusted with DS2, and now I only have one.

I was in tears after dropping him off at school, because of my MIL, and because after this, I have doubts that I have done the wrong thing sending him there.

The teacher and TA were lovely about it, said it was no problem as that is what they are there for, but how many kids can you say you've seen having to be escorted out of school kicking and screaming sad

mysonben Mon 14-Sep-09 22:59:12

I can see why you are upset. You have every right to be!
That was a bit callous from your MIL.

Have you had a word with her about it?
I would set the record staight, but i know it is difficult when it involves relatives.
What is your DH saying about it? If my MIL did that , DH would be very cross.

logi Tue 15-Sep-09 00:02:38

Lack of compassion...sounds like she hasnt any compassion.Sad isnt it that you cant rely on family.I wouldnt trust her again,hope your ds is ok.

MumOfThreeMonkeys Tue 15-Sep-09 09:41:49

omg- i actually have tears in my eyes for your ds (prob pmt) grin. but omg i am so angry at your MIL- family or not i would tell her how i felt about the whole thing! she can stand up for herself, your ds cant. i wouldnt be long setting her straight. angry (diff pmt)

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