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suggestions regarding how to tell DS about his SN

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trunkybun Mon 14-Sep-09 21:37:08

DS aged 8 has Dyspraxia and hypermobility with some sensory issues. Today he brought home a letter from school with information regarding riding lessons which are being offered to him through the school in partnership with a riding for the disabled group. He and I are very excited about this as it is something we have been thinking about doing for ages, and for him to be offered this in school hours and with a much reduced price is brilliant.

The problem is that he will be one of only six students doing this in a mainstream school. And he will have to go in to school in the morning in his 'civvies' and change back into his uniform when he gets back. Obviously his peers will notice this and ask him questions about it.

Initially I have told him it will help with his bendy joints and stamina and part of me is tempted to leave it at that. However I also think it may be time to give him a name to explain the difficulties that he has with other things like memory, organisation, social interaction and very poor co-ordination.

I know that he is also a bit suspicious about the amount of hospital visits and tests he has, and he is about to start a new round of O.T to address his sensory issues.

How have others approached the issue of telling their children about their diagnosis?
I would like advice on how to do it in a 'positive' way.

I am feeling very conflicted at the moment, as it seems that if we take up this offer DS will really have to acknowledge his differentness (not sure that makes sense)


Lorns Mon 14-Sep-09 23:21:34

Hi I have a DS1 with SN (AS). I don't think there is a right time to tell them that they have a SN. Deep down if they don't have learning difficulties, I think they know they are slightly different.

Have you thought about looking on the net for any books that have been written especially for children about Dyspraxia. Are there any groups for children with Dyspraxia in your area. Again the WWW can be "your" area! Hope this somehow helps!

TheDMshouldbeRivened Tue 15-Sep-09 11:09:38

just tell him. ds1 has known he has aspergers since about 6 and ds2 knows about having dyspraxia.

Marne Tue 15-Sep-09 17:32:46

Hi, dd1 has AS and possible Dyspraxia, i have always been as open about it as i can, she has started asking me questions about why she cant run as fast as her friends, i explained to her that she has Aspergers and she is very special as she is very good at maths and english but not very good at sport/running, i told her that you can't be good at everything and how some people need a little more help with getting dressed, sport and ridding a bike (these are the things she struggles with.

She seemed to except this and is now questioning me about dd2 (she has ASD).

Horse ridding will be great for him, i think its worth explaining to your DS about why he's been given this chance, tell him how lucky he is to get the chance of learning to ride and how it could help him become stronger.

Good luck xxx

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