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ss ot

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Phoenix4725 Mon 14-Sep-09 20:33:25

Well we had the ss ot ccome in today not bad wait only 3months from referal .shock Seemed odd did not have to justify what i need , were getting , rails on stairs at ds height,ramps front5 and back ,stable door for kitchen and step and rails help ds with getting into bath not going for hoist as going to try mangering him doing but with asstiance so im not having to lift him.

heres the question how long does it normally take for them to dothe work and is it quicker as were in council house

meltedmarsbars Mon 14-Sep-09 20:39:50

Here once the landlord had agreed exactly what work was to be done, it didn't take long - and the things like wooden ramps were done very quickly.

How did you blag ramps at the front and back? they will only do one door here.

glittery Mon 14-Sep-09 20:41:39

should be pretty quick to be honest, im sure if its council it comes straight from SW
our tracking hoists from SW were fitted within a fortnight.
the ramp at the back door took about 4 weeks, had gates widened for new car and just had the drive extension finished today that took about 3months as that was paid by HA

Phoenix4725 Mon 14-Sep-09 20:47:58

yes she said its one door only then went oh you have council house so we can get both front and back ,
might also be my back is only accesiable via the house so he needs that so can get in the garden but we need front to get in the house.

Also think lifting worrying her as atm i am already suffering with torn liguamnets in shoulder .

It was just a shock am so used to having to fight for everythingwe could an dhave been mandering the steps ds can do as long as someone holds his hands but he has had couple bad falls including one when social worker was here so did prooove my point last time

Phoenix4725 Mon 14-Sep-09 20:50:02

though lol can`t wait to see peoples faces when see handrails on stairs at ds height hes 96cm worked handrals need be at 50 cm there going to think they wandered into munchkin land

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