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what next? advice needed please..

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starfish71 Mon 14-Sep-09 12:25:09

hi am new on mumsnet - been lurking for a while but have decided to jump in as really need some advice. I have 2 DC - ds1 10 has dyspraxia and social communication problems but is doing really well (in last year of primary). My ds2 is 5 (6 end of dec) and in y1 - he is my main worry at the moment. When he started reception last year his teacher thought he had co-ordination problems and was in a bit of "world of his own" and very young for his age so hearing this I self-refered to the OT who had seen ds1. The school also approached me to sign a consent form for the ASD outreach worker to come and observe ds2.OT has been great and though i spent all ds2's appts tearful down there (ds1 hadn't long got his dx so tough possibly going through it again) they worked hard with ds2 and physically his co-ordination improved greatly and they said that he doesn't have the same problems as ds1. During the summer ds2 attended a social and co-ordination group over 5 weeks at the children's centre with approx 5 other children. Had a chat with my lovely OT at the end of the sessions and she told me she needed to go into the school to see ds2's new teacher and that we need to take it further as he is showing autistic traits and may need 1 to 2 1 as he "zones out" in group situations and also may be looking at statementing him. I have having a meeting with the ASD outreach worker tomorrow to talk through things but should I just let school contact ED Pysch etc or should i contact them to get things moving? ASD worker going in to observe DS1 and DS2 middle of next month - but now i know for def there is a problem should i do some of the pushing myself?
Really sorry have rambled on - am very confused and just want to do what is best for both ds2 and of course ds1.

starfish71 Mon 14-Sep-09 13:00:10

Have to go out now but hope someone can take time to read my long post thanks

Marne Mon 14-Sep-09 13:12:35

It sounds like the school are being great, at least they have picked up on your ds's problems and are trying to help.

I have 2 dd's on the autistic spectrum, dd1 got a dx of AS last November and dd2 got a dx of ASD in July so i know what you mean about going through it twice. Dd1's dx took over 1.5 years but dd2's only took a year. Both my girls have different traits. Like your DS my dd1 has poor co-ordination which is noticeable at school.

I would wait and see if the school contacts the ED pysch if you don't here anything in a few weeks then contact them yourself.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 14-Sep-09 13:18:41

If DS2 is not currently under the care of a developmental paediatrician then a referral can be sought via the GP. This person can make a diagnosis (unlike the EP or autism outreach worker). The EP can only make recommendations re educational needs and I would ask the School to get him seen by the EP asap.

You can ask the LEA to carry out a Statutory Assessment re statementing. You don't need schools permission or a diagnosis to do this. IPSEA have model letters on their site you can use - If you make the request you can appeal in the event the LEA say no (school do not have this right).

starfish71 Mon 14-Sep-09 13:19:01

Thanks Marne - it is so confusing going through this. Truth is as a mum when you knew there is a problem you just want it sorted right away and I know the system doesn't work like that! (am heading out now but am grateful for advice and support). Yes will give them a bit of a chance to get things moving - fingers crossed.

starfish71 Mon 14-Sep-09 17:24:12

Thank you AtillaTheMeerkat will contact our GP to ask for referral to see the developmental paed - do feel bad I haven't done this before. OT told me she thinks he is about 18 months behind which is upsetting
and I am trying to think positive but it is hard as it all seems daunting..

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