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Ds did the ADOS test on Friday.

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frazzledazzle Mon 14-Sep-09 09:52:51

DS went off with the psychiatrist on his own to do it and dh and I sat like bundles of nerves,stomachs lurching everytime a door opened because we just wanted to know the 'verdict'.

When they had finished they called us into the room and said they'd tell us of their findings in a few weeks!

I asked would it be possible if they could give us some indication of what they had found in the test but they said they couldn't as they hadn't totted up the scores.

To say we were fed up is an understatement.Dh took a day off for nothing aand we worked ourselves up into nervous wrecks for nothing.I know ds is still the same lovely boy no matter what they tell us but it just annoys me that they drag everything out so much.

debs40 Mon 14-Sep-09 10:07:08

OMG thaat's awful. I do feel for you as we are waiting for the same thing and I would feel exacctly the same way.

They'll probably be having a meeting about it to diiscuss everything and I understand why they take it cautiously but they should make this all clear beforehand.

Given the nature of their work, these people are such bad communicators!

logi Mon 14-Sep-09 13:06:11

Hi frazzle i really feel for you this happened to us a few months ago and we were told we were getting results and dh took day off too.we were told to come back in a month,we werent impressed as its stressful waiting.We went back and were told he didnt have ASD yet they could see something so he was refered to Child Developement Unit to be watched over longer periods and weve now been told he has autism but because it wasnt picked up because he speaks well.He is still attending the unit to see how they can help him.

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