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DS behaved well at friends' bbq this afternoon!

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mysonben Mon 14-Sep-09 00:47:41

DS is 3.10, mild asd. We went to some friends'house that ds knows. But there was some people invited that he doesn't know.

We were the last to arrive, and in his usual fashion DS refused to appear in the garden, instead he wanted to stay in the kitchen on his own.
There were 4 other children (which ds doesn't know) playing on the wii in the lounge, ds didn't want to join them. So he was hovering between the kitchen and the hallway for about 45 mins.

Then DH got him a sausage and a roll and placed it on the diner table at the opposite side to where the kids were playing, to encourage ds to go in, with a bit of coaxing he did. smile
He hid behind one of the armchair to eat his sausage. When the other kids all went out to get food , ds took hold of the wii remote and started playing, he didn't scurry away when the kids came back.
He sat there playing, even accepted a bit of help from one little girl.
He didn't really talk to them but he managed to behave quite well, he even shared the wii remote wink ...ds has real trouble with sharing generaly.

I was so pleased and proud of him.

He simply seemed like a shy and quiet kind of child to the other guests.
Or so i'd like to think anyway.
We did get a couple of questions about his unclear speech, and we cheerfully said DS is speech delayed, but he is making good progress.
And noone there raised an eyebrow. wink

Corporalcornsilk Mon 14-Sep-09 02:12:42

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Barmymummy Mon 14-Sep-09 06:56:31

Yay!!! Well done Ben! I know how proud you must feel smile

mysonben Mon 14-Sep-09 13:04:36

Thank you,
Yes we had a nice time and i was so pleased with DS.
But his good behaviour didn't last long...had an awful time this morning with a trip to the doctors. sad

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