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DLA - just waiting nervously.

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misscutandstick Sun 13-Sep-09 14:40:08

Applied for DLA 12wks ago, rang Wed and asked them how far they have got: A) all reports now in (paeds, GP's, OT's, SALT's, teachers) B) went to decision makers on 7th.

Rang Friay hoping that it had been done... was told to leave it another week as it hadnt been done yet, and it was still waiting.

Even more nervous now as the second one didnt even state it was in decision makers hands - has it been declined hmm? and she doesnt want me harrassing? until ive had time to brood on the letter? (when i get it). Doesnt sound hopeful does it? sad

oh well, best wait till it arrives s'pose.

BethNoire Sun 13-Sep-09 14:57:50

Usually they don'r give it over the phone, so they just say to wait- so it could well be a positive and on its way to you.

HOWEVER I do think a good policy with initial DLA apps is to expect the worst becuase it just does honestly seem they reject a decent proportion of all claims first time around- ds3 had his rejected outright, we asked them to look again without giving additional info nd they then awarded HR! (now on MR though his needs haven't changed- they're a little erm interesting, the DLA hmm)

So if you don't get it sdon't despiar, just write abck and reiterate key points asking for it to be looked at again.

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