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Efalex or Udo's oil?

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MaggieVirgoOn Sat 12-Sep-09 18:26:58

Heard of either of these? Use anything similar?

Anythoughts or reccomendations.

My dc2 is on the spectrum but actually, it's not for him. I've been told by his tutors at ABA that he can concentrate on a task! so I'm delighted.

But, dc1... have just discovered that her teacher thinks she has a problem concentrating, and doing homework is a nightmare, so I can't even say it's a shock. LAST year's teacher told me to WALK to school with her instead of driving, which we were doing (a mile and a half). We play grannie's shop along the way, which again, last year's teacher suggested we do to improve her concentration. so really, this letter isnt a shock.

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