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When did your dc finally stopped "gibberish"; language?

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mysonben Sat 12-Sep-09 15:09:08

I know there can be a lot of variation with speech in asd kids.
But i can understand why does DS (3.10, mild asd) still use jargon/gibberish even though his language has improved so much in this last year.
He has cut down the amount of gibberish as compared to his last birthday, but still uses it along with echolalia daily mainly when he plays, or when he goes into one of his "very odd" phase. hmm
I also noticed he talks more gibberish whenever he is excited.

He is nearly 4. When did your kids finally stopped all together gibberish talk?

mysonben Sat 12-Sep-09 15:10:11

Meant to say "can't understand why..." Oooops

logi Sat 12-Sep-09 19:43:56

my son who is 5.8 and ASD has excellent communication but regularly comes out with funny things most days in fact,he was playing golf and when he missed a shot he shouted "thats a midwife" he is so serious and has me in stitches bless him he also makes up his own words for things.I notice my son will hear words and put use them in the wrong context.We also get regular quotes from "youve been framed"

mysonben Sun 13-Sep-09 11:42:10

Thanks Logi to reply. smile
DS odes come out with out of contex phrases sometimes too. But by "gibberish" i mean real jargon, like a lot of sounds that don't mean anything , a bit like a made up language hmm iykwim?

misscutandstick Sun 13-Sep-09 13:35:10

YES, i know what you mean, real syllables but utter rubbish - the stuff that sounds like it should be a real language, but doesnt actually mean anything.

DS1 (adhd) stopped probably around 5ish, but didnt really speak anything of use until around 4.

Even now at 16y he puts in words that sound similar but dont mean anything the same, or words that arent quite in context but have a similar theme. eg: "turn it up, its too light (quiet)" or "he goes to badgers (beavers) cos hes too little for scouts"

ouryve Sun 13-Sep-09 23:02:32

DS1 was about your son's age when he stopped using it frequently. He's 6 in December and it's probably about a year since he used it at all, though he still plays with words, deliberately turning round syllables or playing with rhymes. He was hyperlexic and is fascinate with phonics and word structure, though.

mysonben Sun 13-Sep-09 23:11:54

Thank you.

I am not being too optimistic then in hoping that he will not be using jargon by the time he starts school then?
I mean he has made so much progress with his speech this year smile.
Ds will be starting reception in sep.2010, by then he will be nearly 5.
It's just that i'm a bit worried that if he was still "jargoning" by then, the other children would obviously see DS has different straight away iyswim?

ouryve Sun 13-Sep-09 23:28:46

Not too optimistic at all. I'll come to the "but", later.

I just remembered that during his really difficult summer holidays, DS1 did use jargon for half an hour or so on a really out of sorts day. At school he just clammed up rather than talking gibberish, even long before he'd transitioned out of it altogether. Stress makes him regress.

I've also noticed that his language develops in definite spurts. Even since the end of reception, DS1's conversational and descriptive skills have come on no end and he's using complex sentences and keeping up a real to and fro conversation for a long time, even if he goes back to his original question or statement after a while. His grammar has come on no end, too. He's had a lot of SALT help with that, but most of his development is quite spontaneous.

The manner in which DS1 speaks is still very "different", however. He uses very formal language and is very well spoken. He's at the point where he can use long words (ta dada daaaa!) appropriately and confidently, whilst his classmates use rather a lot more colloquialism.

So, even though the jargon all but gone, we'll never escape the fact that he sounds rather a lot like Sheldon! (and gotta love him for it!)

mysonben Sun 13-Sep-09 23:42:33

Yes absolutely, the way they speak sometimes is just unique! wink

And already we can see snippets of formal language in DS already, even though his speech is still delayed. How can i put it...
When he can do a big phrase he will say it in an adult fashion, like DH or i would speak.

Ie: i'm listening to some disco music (my fave grin) a bit too loudly for DS, and he will suddendly say : "can you stop that noise please?" grin
We are always amazed that he can say a phrase like this spontanously ( obviously echolalia , rote learning style), because he has so much difficulties expressing himself usually.

Shells Mon 14-Sep-09 00:22:59

My son is 5.5 and still uses gibberish sometimes, usually when stressed. try not to worry about what will happen in future. concentrate on the now.

cyberseraphim Mon 14-Sep-09 10:45:25

I love the 'That''s a Midwife' - I want to take up golf now ! DS1 says odd things when stressed like 'Pink Doughnut Fell Down' - repeated 100 times

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