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Hanen Program

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eidsvold Fri 03-Jun-05 09:15:54

Have been invited to an information evening about this communication program out of Canada...

the one we have been invited to is called 'It takes two to talk'

Anyone know it or heard of it?

Jimjams Fri 03-Jun-05 11:06:59

it's good. didn't do it, but a lot of earlybird is based on it. you may know a lot of the stuff already, but definitely worthwhile.

mamadadawahwah Fri 03-Jun-05 22:03:29

I currently have this book on order "it takes two to talk" from and cant wait to get it. The program is supposed to be excellent but expensive.

anniebear Fri 03-Jun-05 22:09:01

I havent been on the course but a lot of friends I know have. It wasn't particulary for SN but the SALT wanted to do it at Ellies SN School.

I heard great things about it

mogwai Sat 04-Jun-05 20:47:53

The Hanen training itself is run by SLTs for SLTs, so it's not possible to join one of their training courses (the expensive ones you mention - yes they are expensive but the cost is met by the SLT's employer) unless you are a practicing SLT.

The idea is that the SLT then rolls out the training locally. I'm a Hanen-trained SLT and I can recommend it, but it isn't provided in every area.

Ideally it ought to be run as a group, but the members of the group all have to have children at similar levels of development. It can be hard to organise this. In practice I have used Hanen principles and workbooks to see parents on an individual basis and used videotape as the Hanen programme requires.

It does take a bit of commitment from the parents, and I think you really lack the support of a group if you are being seen individually, but it's great, and the book mentioned provides good ideas.

The best thing about it is the video tape. Once you get over the self-conciousness, it's a great way to check whether you are getting it right.

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