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Are Humginerzs fruit sticks gfcf?

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Jimjams Thu 02-Jun-05 23:29:19

MRSflamesparrow Thu 02-Jun-05 23:43:07

Ok - I gotta know... GFCF???

I even checked the acronym list this time!!!

Jimjams Thu 02-Jun-05 23:44:15

gluten free casein free..... (autism joke)

Jimjams Thu 02-Jun-05 23:45:33

they look like the sort of thing that would have our kids bouncing off the nearest ceiling. But they're very kind to sponsor SN so I shall stuff ds2 and ds3 full of them

MRSflamesparrow Thu 02-Jun-05 23:46:04

Ahhh - this would be why I was a bit lost! Possibly checkin which section I'm in would help answer some questions <slaps forehead>

MRSflamesparrow Thu 02-Jun-05 23:48:13

They are definately gluten free, natural flavourin and rice flour ... just read the box.

They are about the only thing DD eats that doesn't have her bouncing off the walls.

Jimjams Thu 02-Jun-05 23:54:25

really?? What are the other ingredients?

MRSflamesparrow Thu 02-Jun-05 23:57:10


Pure n simple.

The apricot stix is 55% dried apricot, dried pear (sulphur dioxide preservative), natural flavouring, and a dusting of rice flour.

For the other flavours, substitute 55% apricot with apple, banana etc.

DD seems to love em too which is handy... although this is the freak child who will swap sweeties for raisins (much to the delight of my godchildren )

Jimjams Thu 02-Jun-05 23:58:29

wow they can eat them. even ds1. Hoorah for Humdingers.

Jimjams Thu 02-Jun-05 23:58:48

humzingers even.

MRSflamesparrow Thu 02-Jun-05 23:59:44

See, and you thought you were joking about em!

Jimjams Fri 03-Jun-05 00:06:27

I know- and now I'm looking for them!

MRSflamesparrow Fri 03-Jun-05 00:07:16

Tescos and Sainsbury's

They come in boxes of 10.

Jimjams Fri 03-Jun-05 00:08:04

Thank you!

MRSflamesparrow Fri 03-Jun-05 00:10:44

Oh - they are down by all the home baking/dried fruit bits. Thought I should mention that or you could wander round ages trying to find them otherwise

misdee Fri 03-Jun-05 00:12:58

and you thouight u were being funny jimjams

they are with other fried fruit snacks, like fruit flakes (apparently the yoghurt ones are chocolate according to dd1 school, dont ask!!!).

hope they suit your boys.

MRSflamesparrow Fri 03-Jun-05 00:23:28

Jimjams... they are askin after you on the missing musnetters thread.

eidsvold Fri 03-Jun-05 03:21:14

what a shame I can't get them here - the fruit sticks you can buy here seem to have sooo much sugar in them. trying to weaken dd's sweet tooth!!

Jimjams Fri 03-Jun-05 11:04:34

one advantage of being at a special school is that no-one gives a tinkers about stupid healthy eating initiatives there misdee!

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