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What do you say?

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badkitty Wed 09-Sep-09 23:14:55

DS is 9 months tomorrow and has CP. Just wondered if anyone has advice as to how to deal with sort of casual enquiries - I mean it hasn't really happened yet although I have noticed quizzical looks sometimes, but even though he is pretty small for his age it will soon get to the point where he is clearly older than 6 months and people will wonder why he can't sit etc etc. For instance recently in a cafe a bloke with his toddler was saying to the little girl "Oh, here is a little baby" and then asked us how old he was and was clearly a bit taken aback when we said nearly 9 months. Obviously I don't mind explaining to people I know but it is awkward just in public eg if people ask "Can't he sit up yet" etc. I could just say "No he can't, he has CP" but that would make people feel very awkward I imagine and is a bit blunt - on the other hand I am not interested in getting into long explanations with random people. How do you deal with this? I think it is a strange time as he has not got to the age where his disability is obvious, so people avoid asking questions, but at the same time he is clearly not like other babies of his age.

TheDMshouldbeRivened Thu 10-Sep-09 09:54:38

I just say 'she has cerebral palsy' if someone asks. But now she's 5 and in a wheelchair is pretty obvious. Under 2 was trickier.
It only really came up at toddlers with 'whats wrong with her?'
'Nothing' I'd say ' she has cerebral palsy'

Scottie22 Thu 10-Sep-09 20:08:49

I find that people don't really like to ask if they think there is a problem! You just get 'looks' in my experience... We don't even have a dx but when dd falls over (again) or looks really unsteady on her feet I do find myself needing to give an explanation. I tend to say 'she had problems at birth' rather than go into any depth as people either look awkward or bored if I say anything more!

mumgoingcrazy Sat 12-Sep-09 19:59:18

Up until age 2 if DD2 was in a buggy I got away with no comments at all. Out of a buggy, I was generally with friends who know our story anyway. Now, however I have to tell people she has sn. I just say she has delays and leave it at that unless more questions are asked.

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