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so worried about DS new school

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staryeyed Wed 09-Sep-09 20:48:03

A special school where DS1 will be starting reception. Had no real info about how they start had only a start date to go on. Phoned up and to found out how they start the children 1/2 days, etc. Apparently they all go in for full days from the beginning with staggered start dates. I said I would prefer DS to start gradually as he has never done a full day before. I was very surprised theydidnt have any plans for children to help them adjust to a new school. Is this normal in Special schools?

DS will go in transport when he starts. I was waiting for their call through the summer(was told they would be in touch with arrangements). So transport turns up on Monday morning to collect him. Was really annoyed because not only was it the wrong start date DS starts in 2 weeks, but no one had phoned to tell me pick up point, pick up time or drop off. So phoned transport coordinator making sure the have the right start date but he said he couldn't give me a time for drop off or pick up but I should expect them any time after 7.45am and they will give me 3 rings when near my house for drop off. Does transport normally work on these sort of loose arrangements? Plus if Ds is picked up at 7.45 school doesn't start until 8.45 which suggests an hour in the bus which isn't supposed to be done with young SN children. To say Im not impressed so far, is an understatement. Also what arrangements are usually made about car seats? (I realise I will have to phone the transport guy back but just want to know what I should be expecting from them).

LauraIngallsWilder Wed 09-Sep-09 20:55:50

A friends autistic son goes to a special school by bus: bus picks up anytime after 8 for a 9:10 start

As far as I know the bus USUALLY arrives at 8:20 but no guarantees
If the child isnt ready when the bus arrives - huge stresss on parents and non verbal autistic son to get him to the bus before it drives away

I agree it sounds terrible - my ds (who has aspergers) would find the waiting, unknown time of arrival and journey very difficult

Friends child seems to cope with the bus arrangement though


Macforme Wed 09-Sep-09 21:04:42

My son has been on transport to special school since he was 4..he's 12 now..and I have never had such poor communication as you have had..I'd be livid!

Ok once, the LEA failed to tell the new taxi our new address after the taxi firm changed in the holidays so they didn't turn up..but that's ONCE in 8 years.

I would expect a new taxi firm to come to the house to meet you and your son before the start of term..and to be able to give a time for pick up . They should provide seating appropriate to his size...

Unfortunately sometimes transport does mean longer journeys..however to be honest th children adjust quickly.. my son loves taxi time! He is picked up at 7.30 when school starts at 8.30 and is less than 20 mins away!!

I would speak politely to the taxi firm and insist on firm arrangements!

HairyMaclary Wed 09-Sep-09 21:14:37

Ds Started reception this year, last Thursday in fact, full days with a 7.35am pick up. I have been apprehensive about the full days as he has also never done a full day before and he gets very very tired due to his CP, however he has coped amazingly well! He is in a unit attached to the mainstream with just 6 YR children, I think because of the small numbers and vast amount of LSA's he seems to be thriving. He is tired when he gets home and I do have tantrums between home time and bedtime but he's really surprised me. The school and I have agreed though that we will decide if at any time he needs collecting early or a day off that there will be not problem. We are currently debating whether to give him Friday off just to avoid over tiring him.

The 7.35 pick up for a 9am start is another matter, apparently because they aim to arrive there for 8.50 DS is in the bus for and hour and a quarter which is the recommended time frame. All those that I have spoken to say that it cannot be changed, however thanks to our lovely OT putting in that DS needs 'movement breaks' they are having a rethink! I'm still waiting for a response... The school is about 40 mins away so I don't mind an 8am pick up but think 7.35 is too early. DS however loves it, the bus to school and everything else to do with school! WRT car seats, after checking what he used with us, the council had bought an brand new good quality high back car seat that is just for DS, it still had all the tags on it on the first day to prove to me it was new!

cyberseraphim Thu 10-Sep-09 10:33:47

DS1 started 3 weeks ago and the transport took a while to settle down - it is always chaotic at the start i think - though I would share your concerns about the journey time (but again think it is not unusual unfortunately). DS1 is still on half days til after September weekend and seems to be coping with that.

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