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SS ot help

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Phoenix4725 Wed 09-Sep-09 18:46:32

The ot is coming from ss finally to look at acces into house as ds struggles with steps to get in and work out better way to help ds with stairs he crawls up , any experiance that they are likely to help .We have council hous eif makes any differnace

Phoenix4725 Thu 10-Sep-09 06:23:13

bumping for advice or warnings lol

r3dh3d Thu 10-Sep-09 08:46:57

Well, our SS OT was excellent. We were fairly lucky in that we got the senior one for our area, but even so I suspect she's a bit unusual.

It helps to have your LO with you so you can demonstrate. They hear stuff like "difficulty with steps" all the time and it varies from trips-up=sometimes to has-to-be-carried.

I think it's also worth stressing any knock-on effect on you. I got the impression that they don't want your back to give in because then they will have to put in some personal care. So as well as "he struggles with the stairs" you need to be saying "I'm having to lift him in this, that and the other situation, and he's getting too heavy".

FWIW, DD1 is hemiplegic. Previously OT have helped with a specialist chair for the dining room, and some attempts at feeding solutions (not very successful I have to say). They did a big review at about 4yo, We looked at:
- getting her in and out of her cot - SS bought us a £££££ high sided bed.
- getting her up and down stairs; we all agreed that under her own power was good exercise and they basically approved my plan. No stairlift which I'm happy with
- getting her in and out of the car: they weren't able to do much: not allowed to provide car seats and no off-the-shelf step solutions. They tried an independant co but they were unhelpful. We manage with an ikea step and a bit of shoving. I'm OK with that as this particular job gets easier as she gets older.
- getting her in and out of the bath and on and off the change table: again they checked my lifting but we all agreed that the current arrangement of steps was OK
- her chewing the radiators - they arranged to get hospital-style safe covers fitted. That's not as bad as it sounds, actually.

We're now looking at
- the problem of her biting her thumb during seizures - is there anything she can wear at night?
- various alternatives to a travel cot for a 5yo.

The 2 things they have delivered (bed, radiator covers) took AGES to turn up. The bed was all sorted out by SS but took nearly a year to order and arrive. The radiator covers only took a couple of months once started but we were at the bottom of a long list for adaptations so over a year I guess to get them just to come in and look at it.

So - from that, I'd say when you see her, think ahead. How will you be doing all your day-to-day activities in 2 years time? 5 years time? When do you need to start practicing those skills? I've always been very conscious that the more I carry DD1 the less likely she is to still be able to walk in 5 years time. So if that means it takes us 10 mins every time we go up the stairs, so be it.

Phoenix4725 Thu 10-Sep-09 13:33:55

thnak you gives me some idears when ss disablity worker first got involved stable doors were mentioned as option keep ds out of the kitchen etc a sno danger awareness , and for me is the steps at front and back hes fallen so many times

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