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Dd2 just come home from nursery covered in scratches, should i phone them?

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Marne Wed 09-Sep-09 12:29:56

I don't know if i'm just being over protective but just got home from nursery with dd2 (ASD) and she looks like she has been dragged though a bramble bush shock, her face is scratched,blood on her t-shirt, scratched around her eyes her neck and ears, it almost looks like cat scratches.

She seems fine and happy, should i phone the nursery to find out what happened or just put it down to a prickly bush in the nursery garden. Her speech is poor so she can't tell me what happened and i dont think she has even noticed anyway.

Militanttendancy Wed 09-Sep-09 12:40:24

I would definitely phone them and ask them what happened, even it if it was caused by a prickly bush, you deserve to be told what happened.

DD has communication problems and can't tell me if she has fallen or if someone else has hurt her, so if she comes home with unexplained scratches/bruises I always try to find out what has happened.

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