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It feels like life is just one big waiting list ...

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HeartOfCrystal Wed 09-Sep-09 10:57:47

My ds is 2.7 i've known that something is wrong since he was a little over 1i suspect he has asd, he's severly delayed with his speech (he can make sounds but no real words), his tantrums are getting more violent, and he is very fond of repeating behaviour on the flip side he seems to have remorse when he does something naughty and says sorry with a hug and kiss, can follow simple instrutions and is very loving. The problem is am pg with no2 and while having no idea what is going on with ds and no sign of a 3way assesment that was mentioned 3months ago. He has no speech therapist no support from our local healthcare, it feels like the long he is left the harder it will be to help him. I just want to know how i can help my son, is that too much too ask? am worried about the child am carrying will he or she be on the spectrum? Will ds take kindly to sharing me? Will the baby arrive and ds just cannot handle it? So many worrys and no sign of it letting up anytime soon.Can anyone please tell me how long did it take before your child got diagnosed? xxx

mysonben Wed 09-Sep-09 11:57:17

hmm, it can varies from area to area, but as a rule of thumb, it can take a long time up to 1 year, sometimes 2.
But once the wheels are in motion and you get the first appointment, help should start coming even without a dx, help such as salt.

My advice ring them up and send a recorded letter asking to know what 's going on?

My ds has mild asd, he was 2.5 when his little sister was born, he didn't take it smoothly, he was so much more "naughty" and had even more tantrums and anxiety, but it didn't last.Also asd children can be so different, not all will behave in the exact same way in any situation. It can be hard for any young toddler to have to share mummy with an intruder! wink
Try not to worry your ds will be ok with the baby.

My ds used to ignore the baby to start with, we tried every day to place the baby on his lap for a short while, and get him to take an interest, it took about 3 months for him to really warm up to her.
Now 16 months down the line , they are the tag team!!! smile

MoonlightMcKenzie Wed 09-Sep-09 22:48:43

I don;t know for sure, but I think you can self-refer for a speech and language assessment. Ask your HV or GP to refer you if not. They shouldn't have a problem doing it.

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