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Scottie22 Tue 08-Sep-09 21:06:54

Just wondered if anyone here had used an osteopath to help their children with issues such as low muscle tone/dyspraxia etc? My dd has low/fluctuating tone and it was suggested an osteopath might be able to help her engage more with her muscles. Problem is the cost - we are quite hard up at the moment but I would do anything to help my dd as she is so determined to be as physically able as possible. She is only 2 but never stops trying to run, climb and she finds it sooo hard.

Can anyone advise as to whether it would be worth a try???

bubble2bubble Wed 09-Sep-09 11:44:33

I'm a new convert to this - have recently taken both DDs to a chiropractor/cranial therapist and the difference has honestly been dramatic. DD1 has dyspaxia - very limited speech, poor balance, bilateral difficulties etc OT has done a huge amount to help and she is already a different child to this time last year,but it seems like the chiropractor has really fine tuned things. After a few sessions she could suddenly stand on one leg ( something I thought she would never do ) and she is much better on stairs. She stands better and dosen't lean against things all the time, is less fidgety and just generally moves a lot less akwardly.She also suddenly stopped wetting the bed, something she's been doing every night for over a year and I always suspected was connected to her dyspraxia. Of course it's impossible to prove that any of this works but I freely admit to being very sceptical at the start and now am completely convinced it is some of the best money we have spent (£45 per sesssion) - that would be a YES from me then smile

vjg13 Wed 09-Sep-09 15:11:28

We have taken my daughter for her glue ear and it is ok at the moment although she is probably at an age of growing out of it too. We go to the osteopathic centre for children and payment is by donation (we give £20). They have a Manchester centre and one in London but if you're in Scotland not good!

Scottie22 Wed 09-Sep-09 20:15:43

Thanks very much for your replies - is good to hear positive stories. My dd has similar issues to yours bubble2bubble - poor balance and bilateral difficulties so is great to hear about the difference this has made. Our physio and OT is pretty non-existent so will definitely look into this further and find the money somehow - just wish it was funded!!!

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