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At least something positive today DS is going to BIBIC soon...

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mysonben Tue 08-Sep-09 20:23:27

Spoke to one of the bibic therapist this morning, she was lovely and seemed like she actually cared! smile
And they have offered a 2 day assesment including the CARS test for DS at the end of october.

At least we are getting somewhere, only 6 weeks of wait ! Not like the good old NHS...wink

I'm chuffted with that, this will be the first thorough proper assessment for DS. So we are hoping to learn a bit more about his delays and issues. smile

moondog Tue 08-Sep-09 21:34:07

That sounds great. Remember to report back.So interesting to hear how people get on there.

anonandlikeit Tue 08-Sep-09 21:37:07

Mysonben, when are you going? We are going mid October!!

BethNoire Tue 08-Sep-09 21:47:23

Oh you will find it helpful. Tiring, but productive.

Barmymummy Tue 08-Sep-09 21:53:00

Wow thats great!! Am so pleased for you!! xx

mysonben Tue 08-Sep-09 23:18:50

We are going on 22/23 october, and i'm so pleased and looking forward to it.

I will report back indeed, will probably have a full page to read, knowing me and my rambling ways! wink

jasdox Tue 08-Sep-09 23:56:50

look forward to reading your report, it sounds a great service.

anonandlikeit Wed 09-Sep-09 17:18:02

It sounds great mysonben, I hope you get loads out of it, we'll be able to compare ramblings... We ar egoing on the 12th & 13th Oct. grin

Phoenix4725 Wed 09-Sep-09 17:41:14

seems like Bibic going to be busy were going in early November for a follow up

Phoenix4725 Wed 09-Sep-09 17:42:12

where are people staying last time mum took us so we stayed bit further out this time going via train so need near by for taxis

Barmymummy Wed 09-Sep-09 17:46:23

Just read BIBIC website and it sounds wonderful. Was shedding a few tears watching the video, what beautiful kids.

Anyway, mysonben, where are you taking him to? smile

mysonben Wed 09-Sep-09 18:04:11

barmy, going to the Bibic in Bristol (not sure if that's the only one?)

I must say the therapist who did the phone interview, was nice and answered my many questions.
To start with i wondered if ds was "suitable" for help from BIBIC because his issues are mild, but she said they see a whole range of disabilities, children don't have to have a dx to be seen,...

Phoenix4725 Wed 09-Sep-09 18:59:46

yep thats same one going to it,only one know they did used to do outreach but they stopped them.

I found them great help

BethNoire Wed 09-Sep-09 19:19:05

Barmy- dont go to bristol LOL, it's Bawdrip near Bridgwater- whole different County

BethNoire Wed 09-Sep-09 19:20:15

Phoenix email Peachy, she used to live in the next village. November is really ahrd to get if around 6th though due to carnival season

mysonben Wed 09-Sep-09 19:26:30

Yes that's the one, south of Bristol.

mysonben Wed 09-Sep-09 19:30:13

Actually just clicked on the map on BIBIC site, it is a fair bit down of the south of Bristol, near Brigwater yes like BethNoire said.

BethNoire Wed 09-Sep-09 19:31:58

Er yes PMSL, only lived there for 32 years though [wink[ grin

Somerset, just off the M5, if you come off at Dunball. On the brow of the hill, local shops Puriton and decent pub lunches there to be had.

mysonben Wed 09-Sep-09 19:35:29

Thanks for the pub lunches tip. grin
Have never been there myself, i bet it has lovely countryside.

BethNoire Wed 09-Sep-09 19:38:19

Absolutely, and is very close to Glastonbury etc if yu get a trip out time.

Phoenix4725 Wed 09-Sep-09 19:45:09

do not turn lef tout of bibic then left again for that pub expensive and not very nice

BethNoire Wed 09-Sep-09 20:04:01

Ah no that pub is eeek

Wellr emember walking in there with my sister to be started at many old men playing dominoes: turned around and went elsewhere sharpish!

the ones in Puriton are fine, there's a gorgeous one a bit further along the A39, the pipers inn where I got engaged.... the Tom Mogg which is a bit more rural but worth getting google dierections for .... a good few LOL

eternalmother Wed 09-Sep-09 20:35:37

Hi all, we too are going in October 15/16th, looking forward it as it seems to offering some practical help at lasssst!!

anonandlikeit Thu 10-Sep-09 07:50:07

We are staying at a B&B, owned by a friend of a friend.

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