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Just made an appointment with CAMHS!

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EccentricaGallumbits Tue 08-Sep-09 15:29:17

DD is 11. Pretty sure she has some form of Aspergers. I have been in denial for a very very long time. We actually had an initial appointment with CAMHS about 2 years ago when DD was refusing to go to school but as it was fairly obvious they thought the problem was we were an abusive dysfunctional family and DD was the normal one they couldn't offer us anything.
We are shockingly boringly normal as a family. we actually like each other, play board games and visit stately homes ocasionally.
DD on the other hand spends her entire life in a state of weirdy anxiety and is miserable. Although she actually does go to school these days (just spends her whole time at home obsessing about how awful it is)
Don't even know what CAMHS could offer her in strategies to deal with herself. Or me. Or anything really. I'm feeling a bit defeated I suppose.

wigglybeezer Tue 08-Sep-09 18:23:13

Snap, I have just got my appointment through for my 11 year old DS1. He is pretty good at school (although concentration and learning could be better), but can be very difficult to live with at home and is very intolerant of his siblings.
I am nervous that they will think i am a fussy,controlling middle class mother and the root of all the problems.
I don't think DS1 has "full blown" AS iykwim, but he definitely has problems with empathy, emotional regulation and anxiety (this probably causes the most difficulties).
At first I was relieved to have taken the plunge, but things have improved since he went back to school (he likes the routine) and I am starting to feel aprehensive.
I am not sure what they will offer either, would like some family therapy to deal with the fall out of DS1 and my "fall outs" and maybe CBT for his anxiety issues.
If I have to I will go private and use some savings to pay for therapy, its just knowing what will work that's the problem.
Good luck Eccentrica!

Corporalcornsilk Tue 08-Sep-09 18:33:05

So what happened at the first appointment eccentrica? We're waiting at the moment.

EccentricaGallumbits Tue 08-Sep-09 19:05:17

Souds a bit like DD Wiggly!
Last appointment they insisted on seeing us as a family. Asked some probing questions about how happy we all were. Asked the DDs how much shouting we did and what about. and did rather a lot assuming it was a parenting problem. I'm not stupid - I know that is what they had decided before we had walked through the door.
I am by no means anywhere near a perfect parent but DDs issues are not all down to poor parenting.
The report they sent back basically said DD was a bit anxious but on the whole normal and fine and if we really wanted some family couselling they could find us some but it might take 18 months to arrange.
By this time We had managed to get DD back into school ourselves.
She has lots of aspergeresque features including being rather obsessive about stuff. over sensitive, over anxious, food issues, concentration problems, over perfectionist but underachieving, likes routine, can't stand changes, has huge meltdown tantrums, etc etc etc.
I thnk I'll write some lists before we go back.

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