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Leisure/holiday recommendations please

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dottee Thu 02-Jun-05 11:43:59

I know we've had this one before but if I give you a bit of background, any information/links etc. will help.

We have a carer support group at dd's school (I, and others, help run it with 'Tikeylady') and for Carers' Week this year (see here ) we are doing an information morning on the this year's theme of 'Work, rest and play'.

I'm doing a holiday/travel/leisure display and have been contacting all sorts of organisations.

A few weeks ago on MN, someone recommended the Scouts Holiday Homes Trust. I've contacted these people and they've sent loads of information including application forms and fact sheets (I'm seriously thinking of booking with them myself). So thanks very much for the lead.

If anyone else can let me have links/leads/recommendations etc. (and possibly contact details via this thread), I'd be really grateful. And I'll let you know how the morning went after the 16th June.

For anyone who can make it, it will be held at Kelford School, Kimberworth, Rotherham (near Meadowhall).

Thanks in anticipation ...

p.s. is anyone else doing anything for Carers Week?

dottee Thu 02-Jun-05 13:14:01


Davros Thu 02-Jun-05 17:20:01

Not doing anything for it although I'm a member of Carers UK (remember me, the serial joiner? )
I really can't help as we find holidays pretty much impossible I'll watch this thread though and check any links just in case I find something suitable. Well done Dottee.

heartinthecountry Thu 02-Jun-05 17:25:22

dottee - have you looked on the contact a family website? There is a factsheet on there about holidays and travel.

dottee Thu 09-Jun-05 16:58:44

Back again - the event is nearly here and apparently I've been quoted in the local paper tomorrow. Will enlighten you when I've a copy.

The response has been very mixed. What has become clear is that most organisations are only considering phys. dis. and not learning difficulties/challenging behaviour. After e-mailing many companies, the best response must be Virgin Atlantic. A rep phoned me and said they are used to carrying a lot of families with disabled children of many diagnosis and she's sending me information on what they offer. She said the key is to contact any company before booking and discuss. Same message came in writing from P O ferries.

Information is still coming in and I'll let you know whatever comes out of it.

I've just been looking through the PHAB web-site (as recommended by a rep from Wales Tourist Board) and it makes me wonder why all there are such a lot of organisations who assume disabled children and their families want an all action holiday. Am I being slobbish or awkward to say I just want to take dd and the rest of my family somewhere where we can chill out, relax and not be the centre of attention when things go pear-shaped. I haven't found anywhere like that yet.

dottee Thu 09-Jun-05 17:03:00

Oh and why are specialised places so flippin expensive?!!!

Davros Sun 12-Jun-05 09:19:07

Agree Dottee. Our one holiday was a a lovely private villa with our own pool and we did...... nothing! The most important things for us were safety, privacy and not too long a journey, nothing else mattered after that.

foxinsocks Sun 12-Jun-05 09:36:51

dottee, the only one I can think of is breakaway holidays however I think this is largely for young adults (one of my mum's friend's children went on one of these I think) but may be of use to those who care for adult children.

Other than that, I know center parcs does cater for special needs. When we first went many years ago (when our kids weren't at school), they had a whole school class from a local special school there for the weekend. I had a chat with one of the carers and they said they were having a great time and had a special bus to get them around etc. Although as you say, it's hardly relaxing, it's fairly expensive and unless you go out of school holidays it's going to be busy which is probably not the ideal environment to have a relaxing time!

dottee Tue 14-Jun-05 12:35:18

I must tell you about this gem that's come out of the blue in the last 24 hours.

I came home to a lovely message on my answerphone on Sunday and returned the call yesterday evening. I spent over 30 minutes chatting to Anna Hoyle who is mum to a 11 year old ds with ds/cp so she knows exactly where us SN parents come from. They don't charge extra for disabled facilities and sound very SN tolerant. She does point out though that there is a lot of stained glass in the hotel so points out it's not really suitable for 'head-bangers' and they operate a non-smoking policy. Otherwise, they are one road away from the sea-front, have a lovely back garden and plenty of parking space. A special school which is using the Breverton has had the place risk assessed and it's come out very well. There are full changing facilities etc. as she's clued up on needs as her ds requires 24/7 care.

They just do B & B but are very easy going and allow take-aways, for example, back in the hotel. She is a lovely lady and says if anyone's interested, please do not hesitate to call her or call in. (She doesn't know about me posting this, but it's great to share information like this!)

Jayzmummy Tue 14-Jun-05 12:55:05

how about here?
The one based at Exmoor is set in beautiful country side and has easy acess to many beautiful beaches and Devonshire villages. Lots of wonderful activities all geared especially to cater for disabled children.

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