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we got it, higher rate mobility wooohoooo

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meerkatsandkookaburras Mon 07-Sep-09 09:52:16

its jennybensmummy name changed, we got higher rate mobility for ben, i knew we were entitled to it just had to fight, in the end they gave it to us without going to tribunal and got back payment too im so excited!!!!!! thanks so much for everyones help xx

2shoes Mon 07-Sep-09 09:56:55

I love some good news

debs40 Mon 07-Sep-09 10:12:33

Super dooper....well done you!!

meltedmarsbars Mon 07-Sep-09 11:21:45


Now get the parking badge, and a brass neck to deflect the grumpy stares from the OAPs who object at you parking in "their" spots!!

5inthebed Mon 07-Sep-09 13:38:24

Well done!

I am doing DS2's renewal shortly, and I will be looking for advice from you ladies smile

meerkatsandkookaburras Mon 07-Sep-09 14:17:39

oh i love mumsnet, i forgot about applying for blue badge, its took so long to get this i was just excited to be getting it!!! not sure im any use for advice, but i didnt get any help except advice off here - ie not off citizens advice etc and i got it eventually and can help anyway i can to anyone else now we got it!!!! im so excited i cant believe its one less battle for ds!! grin

staryeyed Mon 07-Sep-09 14:32:46

well done! Another for the team grin.

Deeeja Mon 07-Sep-09 14:39:08

Excellent news!
Well done grin

Deeeja Mon 07-Sep-09 14:40:36

My 4 year old ds has a blue badge, but I rarely use it, I tend to park in mother and toddler spaces if any are available.
But still useful to have.

daisy5678 Mon 07-Sep-09 19:36:17

Well done - fantastic.

Mitchell81 Mon 07-Sep-09 19:39:01

Well done grin

misscutandstick Thu 10-Sep-09 12:35:40

yay! well done you!

we too just got badge for DS5, and im soooooo pleased - not just for him, but it will probably be literally a life-saver... with 5 children, 3 of which are runners/elopers im so pleased we have one too.

I agree with the dirty looks when all the kids pile out the bus, with the "dont look like they need wheelchairs to me" glances, ah well, walk a mile in a mans shoes as they say.

NorthernSky Thu 10-Sep-09 13:10:47

Message withdrawn

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