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BIBIC-share your experiences here please!!

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waitingforgodot Mon 31-Aug-09 14:49:34

I am reading through all the BIBIC stuff on their website just now. Looks great but I would like to know your thoughts and feedback. Anyone?

anonandlikeit Mon 31-Aug-09 17:24:59

Me too!!
DS2 is booked in for October.
The telephone interview & booking process was thorough but painless.

I can let you know more once we've been.

sadminster Mon 31-Aug-09 18:19:27

we've just come back ...

Day one we saw a therapist who did a developmental assessment & sensory Qs - pretty much play observation although she did try to get ds to do some things (which of course he wasn't interested in doing hmm ) - ds really enjoyed it. They have a big okay room, sensory room & (ds' favourite) a physio room full of balls.

Day two - we went through the results of the assessment & the programme they put together.

TBH I'm up to my eyes with ABA stuff at the moment so we haven't really got going with the BIBIC programme. On the OT side we have swimming, stepping, jumping, swinging & suspended rotation. The SIT is rough/smooth/hot/cold/vibration massage, face massage & oral stimulation, Mr Tongue, olfactory stimulation & whispering. Also deep pressure & 'sausage rolls'. Much of the sensory stuff is beyond ds' tolerance atm.

They also gave general advice to the SALT & behavioural side which was fairly helpful. I'm glad we went & the assessment particularly was useful.

mumgoingcrazy Mon 31-Aug-09 18:51:16

Sorry for a quick hijack, we're also looking into BIBIC and wanted to hopefully go in February time. Once you've had the telephone assessment, how long do you have to wait before you can go for the 2 day assessment?

anonandlikeit Mon 31-Aug-09 19:02:41

We had our telephone interview about 2 wks ago, they ahd spaces for September but I have work commitments so we have booked for Mid October.
Half term was fully booked but other than that i think they had spaces.

waitingforgodot Mon 31-Aug-09 19:05:06

Thats a good question mumgoingcrazy. I would like to know waiting times too.
Also Sadminster, how did you decide to go with ABA and how did you go about it? I am reading through all the different "interventions" at the moment and thought a BIBIC assessment would help me decide the best course of action. Do they do this?
Anonandlikeit-how long ago did you have the telephone interview? Are you doing ABA too?
Am on a very steep learning curve at the minute so apologies if I haven't got the terminology quite right!

anonandlikeit Mon 31-Aug-09 19:55:46

Telphone interview was about 2 wks ago, all very efficient & the lady was lovely.
No i've never done ABA.

sadminster Mon 31-Aug-09 20:29:09

Wait wasn't long at all - 4 weeks maybe?

We didn't discuss ABA or any other interventions with BIBIC, ds isn't diagnosed - I don't know what they think about specific interventions. The only thing we really discussed was the PECS/makaton issue (they came down on the makaton side for ds).

ABA sigh has turned into a huge issue for us ... it seems that other people have smoother rides that we're doing. There's a link to some ABA discussions on the aba people help thread.

Phoenix4725 Mon 31-Aug-09 21:18:47

we went in May most indepth assement ds has ever had to date real good baseline, and full of usefull idears were going back in november.Even phoned them other week ask for some more help with his fine motor skills paticulary building strenth in his hands 2 days later loads of stuff in post.Yet had been asking Ot for 6 month

They try to get you in a soon as i can I remeber afte rinterview they was very apolgetic that could not fit us in for 6 weeks , I was like thats no bother am used to nhs 18 month wait

waitingforgodot Mon 31-Aug-09 21:31:16

Sadminster-why the sigh? Whats happening with ABA?

Sounds like the waiting time is quite short which is great.

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