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DLA application

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phlebas Mon 31-Aug-09 09:08:24

We've been told that we can apply for DLA without a diagnosis (BIBIC assessed ds a delayed (pretty severely) in all areas bar motor). We have the application pack, we won't see a paed until October/November (who knows how long the process will take).

Are there any good websites or anything that can help guide us through?

lou031205 Mon 31-Aug-09 09:55:47

I used the cerebra guide to do DD1's. At the time I applied, she only had Global Development Delay as her 'problem'.

The key is to remember that they don't know littlephlebas, and you need to S P E L L O U T her every difficulty. Mine was over 10000 words in the end!

I used the PC and the cut the pages out & stuck them in. It meant that I could fit lots of info in.

e.g. "DD1 has developmental delays in several areas. She lacks awareness of danger, and has no appreciation of consequences that accompany actions. She also has a delay in her verbal comprehension, so cannot appreciate urgency of instructions. Therefore, she is unresponsive to direct commands unless there is significant time available to engage her attention, make clear eye contact and give clear, precise instructions. Her speech and language delays also mean that she does not always understand tone of voice, so will respond to a ‘strict’ voice with laughter and think that we are playing with her. A typical child of her age would be able to understand verbal instruction while walking, and would understand tone of voice, especially if that tone of voice conveyed urgency."

Feel free to look at what we did with DD1, if it helps. smile

eternalmother Tue 01-Sep-09 07:26:45

It is not true that you need a diagnosis to receive DLA, it it based on need so as Lou31215 has suggested you need to spell out her difficulties. I also used the cerebra guide, it helps you to think about the level of detail needed and the type of language to use. It is the differences between you DD and a typical child of that age that you are trying to explain. I printed a form from the net and scribbled over that first before completing the real one. Also keeping a diary for a week of EXACTLY what you do for you child helped to get some perspective. Good luck

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