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GF diet advice please

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kerpob Sun 30-Aug-09 13:28:58

We are in the first week of trying our two boys with dx of ASD on GF diet. So far going ok. Bread is a problem in that we have tried a few GF brands and while they are tolerating them - nothing yet that they eat as well as "normal" bread. (Just thinking about packed lunches for school and what a nightmare potentially that is going to be).

Also dreading how we are going to deal with Mc Donalds et al when they decide they want some junk - nothing there GF free as far as I can see. Any advice generally - I know the research on the benefits of GF free is inconclusive but just giving it a go so that I can rule out "I wonder if" little niggling thoughts in the future!! Many thanks.

IUsedToBePeachy Sun 30-Aug-09 13:35:55

We're back on the GF wagon today after a nasty incident last night, welcome aboard!

Schoollunches are a PITA. The best breads my boys like are either Mrs Crimble or the GF mix they sell in lakeland. But ntohing is great IMVHO.
Crisp breads and rice cakes are better, and the GF breadsticks quite acceptable. So they are perfect with dips, or a salad. GF pasta makes a decent enough lunchtime snack as well, as does soup if your school allows it.

Junk food can be tricky; for ds4 we tend to just remove the burger from the bun and give him that, but he is still little. Wacky Warenouse does a GF option, as dioes Wetherspoons IIRC, and we have just tended to end up there instead. And a jacket sopud is not as 'cool' but just as easy and tasty when out and about.

mostly it is advanced planning; finding toehr trips orways out ('if we saved all our macD's money for 3months we could use it to buy us a trip to X' type things)

FaintlyMacabre Sun 30-Aug-09 15:20:25

Genius bread (available in Tesco) is pretty good. My DH often takes last night's leftovers for a packed lunch- might not be so popular with schoolchildren though!

kerpob Sun 30-Aug-09 16:52:03

Tried Genius -didn't go down too well!! They are used to sliced brown/granary type soft bread for sandwiches - I know I won't find this exactly in GF but trying to find the closest I guess, thanks!

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