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Licking fingers constantly

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debs40 Sun 30-Aug-09 10:11:29

DS (6) undergoing assessment for SCD/AS starts school again next week.

He has always enjoyed chewing things (paper etc) but over the last few weeks he has this little routine going on with his fingers. He constantly licks each one and his palms.

I've tried to gently chat to him about it. He does it unconsciously and can't really explain why - he has said he likes the feeling or that his hands are sweaty.

It is very noticable. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any idea for getting him to calm it down!

PipinJo Sun 30-Aug-09 11:24:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

debs40 Sun 30-Aug-09 11:40:48

Thanks for this. What lollies did you use and how did you explain what you were doing to him?

PipinJo Sun 30-Aug-09 19:45:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

debs40 Sun 30-Aug-09 23:31:19

Thanks PipplinJo. I will try that!

I don't mind it but I don't want him looking odd at school

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