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re housing - disability points !

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drlove8 Sun 30-Aug-09 10:03:59

YAY we finally got some ! .... after a long hard fight ...hmm . i live in a council house/ flat and have been on the list for a move since before twins were born.
HV told me to apply for extra medical points for dd4 disability (asd/ggd), and that should help us get a move .
long history of neighbours from hell... dd4 cant go in garden as is unsafe because neighbours have destroyed fence, have it covered in rubbish and let their dogs use it as toilet.
also things are a bit of a squeeze , having all the kids is a bit much in a 3 bedroom flat.... dd4 is still in my bedroom as i dont trust the rest of the girls not to leave "dangers" in the girls room.(hair straightners, make-up, plugs without saftey covers ect) wouldnt really be fair on the girls or on dd4 to make them share tbh.
dd4 needs her own room.
would have bought a house, but cant get a loan for it.... having gave up work to look after dd, theres only DH wage comming in ( thank god for tax credits)
Anyway first time we applied for medical points , it was turned down.... reason being that the house we are in "doesnt make dd4 any worse" - hmm - well it sure doesnt make her any better! .
was so disapointed sad . HV asked how we were getting on with the housing? told her we had no extra points .... HV is puzzled, cant understand how dd4 gets high rate disability in both parts , but doesnt get one point from housing!
so HV writes letter , gets peadiatrition to write letters , we get dd4 education key-worker (sorry cant remember correct title) on the case too.... another letter.... and a meating with the housing officer is arrangedshock
Housing officer cant understand how dd4 hasnt got points either?.... tells me to submit another form - but address it directly to him... few weeks later (yesterday) we get a letter saying that dd4 has been awarded 40 points ! yay!
fingers crossed that she gets her own room soon.
its not a new house, but its a chance of getting one now....grin
have already planned her bedroom .... nice cosy space with lots of sensory stuff - twinkly lights , bubble tube , the colour changing celing light ,the nice smoooshy beanbags , and one load of sensory toys .... mabey a wall painted in blackboard paint so she can draw?....grin

Phoenix4725 Sun 30-Aug-09 10:20:22

yay , i was planning on doing same here to as have 4 dc in 3 bedroom and ds3 needs own room he has the cupboard boxroom and i sleep on sofa .But found out they gone and sold all the 3 bedrooms

vjg13 Sun 30-Aug-09 10:30:40

Your HV sounds excellent! fingers crossed you hear some good news!

drlove8 Sun 30-Aug-09 10:37:01

phoenix - still go for it , as there is housing associations that are buliding new property... im in scotland , and there is a rumour that the goverment is going to fund the purchase of homes that are alrady built privately that the companies cant sell because of recession.... so that the local housing can rent them out.... a sort of way of fixing the no rental stock ,that maggie thatcher caused -( disclaimer ....the right to buy was a fantastic thing, but councils were stupid for not replacing the housing stock they sold off).grin

Phoenix4725 Sun 30-Aug-09 10:50:08

will call them Tuesday when reopen , yeah housing sell of tell me think there is only 10 council properites left in my town,funny enough there is fair few new excetuvive homes that are not selling.One them would do m nicely.

mind here they would told you put your 3 eldest dd in one room and dd4 in her own they tried that with me but its ds 3 that need his own room and dd cant share with ds1 and ds2 so room down.

IUsedToBePeachy Sun 30-Aug-09 14:50:24

Funnily wnough we have the same problem

4 kids, 3 bed. DS1 HAS to have own room, no alternaties; ds2 / ds3 share but because of ds3's asd he cant be trusted with a baby so ds4 still in ur room and will be for teh foreseeable future. DS3 isn't mean or anything, just would happikly pop lego in his cot or let him out to go on the stairs

Rest of the house is big ewnough but it is a PITA, our council doesn't award disability points atm hmm

Just extended lease on this house and if we get another year after that DH will ahve to give in and let me convert the downstairs dining room for ds?. Event hen its too near the kitchen but there you go!

Phoenix4725 Sun 30-Aug-09 15:25:51

ah see i got told well your going have to sleep in the lounge then its 15 by 8 but is also dining room to as well as where ds plays since he cant do stairs .

ug thats the who is best downstairs thing awkard one

I am techinaly over crowded due to fact have dd and shes almost 7 so by their own rules she should not be sharing with ds, once ds in school think thats oing be my next battle ideally I would love a 4 bedbungalow or 4 bed house but enough space for ds to play downstairs

drlove8 Sun 30-Aug-09 16:12:36

have concidered going upwards, but not allowed to convert attic into bedroom , rules against it .... but if i had bought this council house then it would be allowed depending on planning permission, hmm

Phoenix4725 Sun 30-Aug-09 16:59:18

have thought about that to could shove ds1and ds2 up there but as coucil think be same answer.

If can find a good school with speech unit or get ds into one of the ican schools will move even if need go private rented

drlove8 Sun 30-Aug-09 17:05:53

im lucky with our schools, dd4 is at nursery with SN unit actually in the school.its a 20 min walk or 5 min drive from us. SN school is 20 mins other direction.... dont know which one dd4 will go to yet as she's not due to start school until next year.... hopeing she goes mainstream with her twin.
But id defo move if a place came up for dd4 at the "best" if

Phoenix4725 Sun 30-Aug-09 17:10:14

yep the sn school here is very well known for asd pupils but ds just does not fit in their or ms and only school wth speech unit do not take kids with GDD

drlove8 Sun 30-Aug-09 17:22:35

hmm . thats rotten about not taking kids with gdd, how can they discriminate like that its not fair sad

mumof8kids Sun 30-Aug-09 17:36:58

hope its ok to add on a message

I have 8 kids and a 3vbed c/house. and my 4yr old ds who is ASD has to go in a room on his own due to pacing about before he goes to sleep and waking in the night . Did try him sharing with older sibling but he was waking them up and climbing all over them in the middle of night. u have ha the largest bedroom split so now have 4 beds but its getting awkward especially as baby is in with me and will eventually need to be moved out. Just don't make a house big enough for us all so am kinda of stuck. Hope everyone else gets sorted though

drlove8 Sun 30-Aug-09 18:20:51

mumof8kids .... are you me? spookily similar story ... except my youngest is dd4...( and 3 kids are actually stepkids,sad they`re not my own work, although wish they were mine by birth too).
get your HV AND PEADI on the case, ask them to write supporting letters and ask the education department to back you up too, a letter from ds nursery/school would help too.
remember and point out that DS not having his own room is being detrimental to his development and impacting on your family life in a negative way.... dont give up keep on at them until they give in.
its a sad fact that us SN mums have to fight every step of the way for the smallest of things for our kids.... and housing isnt a small one by any means. good luck x

IUsedToBePeachy Sun 30-Aug-09 18:32:11

Mumof8, I used to work with a family of 5 kids that managed to get moved to a 4 bed- still not ideal but better. They got it by pester power and annoying the LHA.

I guess the prob. for us is that ds1 cannot be with anyone else due to his aggression, if you saw my orher posts he almost killed me last night. So that leaves ds2 / ds3 / ds4.

Except that ds3 also has ASD, and a baby can't room in with an autistic child, certainly not one as naive and completely unawareof safety as ds3.

PITA. I don't mind 3 to a room, but it's the asd factor that throwws it.

As we have 4 boys we'd never technically qualify, so afaics it's ds4 in with us until he is a teen

Phoenix4725 Sun 30-Aug-09 19:46:22

ds has his own box room but i dont have one and am really missing having my own spacesad

Think Tuesdaymaybe weds going get on phne and start pushing council to help

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