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School wobbles, language and ican

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Phoenix4725 Sat 29-Aug-09 15:04:34

Ds is due to start school on Thursday and i am having a huge wobble over it mostly over the language side rather than the MLD.Ds has GDD , verbal ,oral dyspraxia and a receptive delay hes 4 and tested at 2.7

Ds could not get place at the school near here with alanguage unit attached as he has GDD.The only sn school is not approiate either as they wanted place ds in the asd unit which has some dc severley affected by asd so not right for ds

He is going in with a 1-1 statement f/t but he will onlt be getting salt visit once a term and a program twice a week have tried arguing this but thats all the nhs salt hes been seeing has put in her report so kinda hard to fight Lea on demanding more, did try finding private salt with hope that by time came to review wuld have more to hit Lea with but as most know not found one

So am thinking about uping sticks and moving, does anyone know of a speech unit that will also take dc with GDD or any thoughts on the ican schools am thinking about trying get assement done by them and see how they feel about maybe a place /

Am aware really need to get his right for ds

TotalChaos Sat 29-Aug-09 23:49:56

Liverpool allegedly has one language unit that takes kids with MLD, but I couldn't in all honestly recommend anyone to move to Liverpool for its SN services, it's not easy at all here to get a statement. Sorry you have had so little success with private SALT, all I can suggest is e-mailing Nancy Kaufman and either having some sort of distance consult with her or seeing if she can recommend anyone. Also I don't know if you post over on special kids in the uk, they may be able to recommend a private SALT.

Phoenix4725 Sun 30-Aug-09 06:09:36

yes im over on their to , same problem you would not think I am only a hr from London.Have emailed her but its needingsomeone more locall that can report back ad can use to hit Lea over head hard when comes to review time

Ds has a stateent already so would hope can transfer with me but ideally would not want to head to Liverpool

TotalChaos Sun 30-Aug-09 09:52:28

what about bibic - either seeing if they can recommend anyone or if they could do a report for you?

Phoenix4725 Sun 30-Aug-09 10:00:04

yeswe go ot bibc but the lea do the well they are alternative ignore fact what they say is common sense and does work ,Am going to give ican a call see if they will do assesment of ds language skills that affects him more than his Ld

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