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Bless you bubblagirl

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MojoLost Fri 28-Aug-09 09:16:38

We had a conversation sometime ago, I was really worried about my DS grabbing other children and invading their space here

You mentioned the eye q strawberry chews, thank you so much, WHAT A DIFFERENCE. It's got to be these fish oils. The change was almost immediate, also when DH forgot to give the tablets to DS the other night he was a terror again the following day, so I'm sure it's not my imagination.

I cannot thank you enough, just hope one day I can repay that wonderful advice in some way.

claw3 Fri 28-Aug-09 10:15:11

I will second that, bubblagirl is always so supportive, just yesterday she read a 14 page, yes 14 pages of my drivel and gave me some very helpful feedback.

After speaking to her i lodged a complaint yesterday about my son's treatment and received a phone call this morning from the hospital. The fastest response i have received in 3 years!!

Bless you bubblagirl xx

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