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If you went private, which professional did you see and how many appointments did it take?

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GlastonburyGoddess Wed 26-Aug-09 22:08:54

Basically were over a yr down the line with NHS, no further forward than we were last yr. He sees ed psych, paed and family liason. dr wont refer to camhs because of length of waiting list and she said services overlap with paed anyway so not worth ithmm
Things are getting desperate now, so even though we cant really afford to, want to look at how much going private will cost.

Did you go private? we have looked at private OT, price for 1hr consultation= £100.
who is able to diagnose asd, aspergers/adhd etc? who is best to do so?

did a private diagnosis help? did paeds accept it? what difficulties did you have? did it cost you alot of money? what sort of timescale did it take?

If you have private health insurance(we havent currently) can you see specialists through them(ie they absorb some/all of the cost?)


TotalChaos Thu 27-Aug-09 07:35:01

I've only been down the private SALT route, rather than DX route, so others will be able to advise better on that score. I imagine that if you take out private health insurance it would be highly likely to exclude pre-existing problems unfortunately.

iwearflairs Thu 27-Aug-09 07:55:09

We have gone privately for most things, chiefly for the reason you illustrate - we didn't want to wait and fortunately having the funds (at that point!). Our DS had his diagnosis from a developmental paediatrician. They can dx as can child psychiatrists. These people have the most difficult qualification, so their opinion is usually the most valuable (that is my view) and they will be able to give you a thorough breakdown on dx. I a not sure about clinical psychologists. Educational psychologists and OTs are not qualified to do so, though they may have an opinion. There seems to be a lot of anguish generated though the opinions given by those unqualified to make them (including teachers) on this board.

It took about a month to get an appointment (we are in London) and then a wait of a few weeks for an asssessment and the consultation took 2 hours (for the psychiatrist)

We did have private health insurance, though beyond the initial diagnosis and referrals to others for initial assessments, there is nothing we can claim for any developmental delay on either BUPA or AXA PPP. It may be different on other providers but I doubt it. It is an expensive business.

The most helpful thing we have done for our DS (Aspergers) was OT -- sensory integration. The consultation cost more than your quote but again we are in central London. There is an affiliation if you google it that might be able to give you practitioners near you and beyond having a diagnosis, it is very helpful to have an assessment to work out the sensory needs of your child.

Sorry this only touches on your questions, I hope others will be along to add more.

Best wishes to you.

GlastonburyGoddess Thu 27-Aug-09 21:38:25

Thanks. iwearflairs- so did the private health insurance help with the cost of the initial assessments/dx? then you had to fund the after dx help?

bumping for any further experiences

iwearflairs Sat 29-Aug-09 10:06:48

Yes, they funded the initial dx with the paediatrician and would probably have funded speech and language assessment and psych assessment if we had done it all at that time, but we did a few things an odd way around for reasons I won't bore you with. We have funded OT and also Speech and Language. I have a few friends who have done a bit of both. They felt you get more bang for your buck (they were American!) here with private but they also kept things going with the NHS as they were still providing some services.

What did you mean in your OP that you were a year down the line - do you mean you still don't have a full dx yet or that you still haven't received any services?

Phoenix4725 Sat 29-Aug-09 17:54:41

at the moment im am funding Ds orthotics privately as nhs waitiningtimes are very bad here

Did try funding salt privatley but atm am unable to find one locally who is able to deal with ds complex language needs

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