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Im off!

(11 Posts)
Jayzmummy Mon 30-May-05 16:43:02

No flouncing here!!!! I just thought I would let you all know I am off on holiday for the next week

Bad days and even worse nights have taken their toll on us both and DH just about reached breaking point after I hit rock bottom following our return from our reassessment at BIBIC.

Dont get me wrong BIBIC was great as usual for us BUT I just fell into a massive pit of sadness and grot after our return. Focusing on J's weaknesses for two whole days was enough to tip me over the edge and DH took matters into his own hnds and has booked us a week away....without the kids!!!!!

Both boys are off to stay with my sister who has a they will have heaps of fun...although I am not sure my sister takes on board 100% exactly what she is letting herself in for. Ive pre warned her of the sleepless nights, the tantrums and the liklihood that J will take himself off to try and find us....but I trust her and know she will take good care of my babies.

Have fun everyone over the half term break....I shall be thinking of you all whilst I sip my cocktails as i lounge around all day doing sweet F all!!!!!

Can not tell you how glad I am that for once DH took control and said enough is enough...we need some US time.


LGJ Mon 30-May-05 16:44:35

Enjoy, darling...........

Where are you going ??

strugstu Mon 30-May-05 16:45:18

that sounds wonderful - have a lovely time

RTKangaMummy Mon 30-May-05 16:49:03

Have a DEFFO BRILL relax and pamper

Bethron Mon 30-May-05 16:54:06

Message withdrawn

Xena Mon 30-May-05 17:46:00

Could you get your DH to have a word with mine?

Blossomhill Mon 30-May-05 18:05:42

Have a great time and try and switch off for the week xxx

Jayzmummy Tue 31-May-05 02:05:39

Right. Thats it off we go...."see" you all soon.xxxx

eidsvold Tue 31-May-05 05:59:14

hope you have a good break.

anniebear Tue 31-May-05 10:51:43


Hope you have a the fantastic break you more than deserve


MandM Tue 31-May-05 11:04:19


Have a fantastic time - you will love it and you will feel so much better after it.

This is my first post back on MN since getting back from my week away in paradise with DH! It has done us both the world of good and although we really missed dd it is so nice just to be able to be 'us' for one week a year.

Look forward to hearing about what a good time you had when you get back. x

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