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Help with potty training please, im i doing it right?

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Marne Wed 26-Aug-09 14:15:05

Sorry to post again about potty training [grin[

Dd2 (ASD) has started taking her nappy off as soon as she is wet, does this mean she is ready?

I have spent the past 3 hours sat on the floor (dd2 on the potty) trying to keep her sat still with stickers, books etc,, also have tried putting pants on her which she seemed to like put she soon took them off. She has drank loads today but has only managed a dribble on the potty (held the rest in), i finally gave in (10 minutes ago) and put a nappy on her so i could do a few things in another room and she has weed in her nappy and then taken it off angry. I know i should'nt have given in with a nappy but if i'm out of the room she will pee and poo and i won't be there to prompt with the potty.

Should i just let her go nappy-less and mop up after her?

Is she ready? (i don't want to push her).

sodit Wed 26-Aug-09 14:26:53

ds1 'got it' when i caught him about to piddle on the floor i guess boys are easier he takes up a certain stance. Sorry if tmi but i grabbed him and plonked him on his potty( fancy fisher price thing that looked like a toilet - he would not sit on a real one) he had to do his pee as he had started grin then when he was finished i went ott singing and dancing gave him chocolate etc. he then went again of his ownn accord later i still did the same thing. After a few goes started toning down his reward. I guess after all that waffle what i'm trying to say is ds1 wouldnt do it when he was being made to hmm but when he saw what he would get he was more willing. i would try no nappy and if she starts going try and get her on the potty.

jasdox Wed 26-Aug-09 14:43:13

My ds was running round frantically, he had no nappy/pants on. he said poo, so picked him up and put him on the toilet and he went, and have never looked back. before this moment spent months trying to make him use a potty to no avail. so saying same as you sodit - good technique! months later still asks for presents for pooing on the potty, but no luck there, still no`accidents yet.

Marne - I think be ready with mop, has she ever weed without a nappy on, she might not know how to?

Marne Wed 26-Aug-09 14:57:16

jasdox- she has weed a few times with out a nappy but this was a while ago (when we tried to potty train her), she didn't seem bothered and thought it was great splashing in the puddle grin, she also did a couple poo's on the potty (again a while ago) but didn't really understand what it was or where it came from (just luck that she was on the potty) and she put her hands straight in it. Up until now she has never minded being wet (infact i think she liked it) but has now started taking her nappy off as soon as she has weed.

Sodit- thanks for the advice, we are at home all day tomorrow so i will leave her without a nappy and keep the mop handy, just don't want her to pee on the sofa grin.

jasdox Wed 26-Aug-09 15:16:23

i would buy the disposable pampers bed covers and put them on the sofa, we did that for a while.

Marne Wed 26-Aug-09 15:37:13

Good idea, i might still have some puppy training pads somewhere from when the dog was a pup.

Marne Thu 27-Aug-09 15:26:58

Another day of no nappy and so far one small puddle on the floor, none in potty, just tried to put a nappy on her as we need to pop out soon and she has taken it off and put pants on.

jasdox Thu 27-Aug-09 19:35:10

sorry in a rush, but wanted to say, she sounds ready to me.

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