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Tips for coping with a newborn when you already have a child with SN.

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saltyseadog Wed 26-Aug-09 10:36:34

I'm 12 week pregnant, and starting to think about how I can make things easier for myself when this baby is born. My dd has PMLD (can't sit, can't walk, can't feed herself, has epilepsy), so I feel that I'm going to have to be mega-organised.

Has anyone got any tips please? I was thinking of getting a sling for carrying the babe around in - although not sure which one to get. I know I won't be able to cope with a really lentil-weavery sling that consists of an entire bolt of cloth that I need to wrap around me to be secure. Any recommendations?


Jo5677 Wed 26-Aug-09 11:12:57

Hi,congratualtions on expecting ! just thought i'd stop by as my as my eldest who is 11 is fully physically disabled and with brain damage and i've since gone on to have 4 more babies as i have 5 children altogether. My husband works fulltime.
I have used various slings over the years whilst pushing a wheelchair.
I've managed but never found it easy,the best one i've had was a bushbaby cocoon.

I have recently found that there is such a thing as a clamp that attaches a pushchair to the front of a wheelchair which was very interesting.
That aside i'd just like to wish you well,also another good website i've found is, it's full of equipment advice and lots of other advice on life with or caring for anyone with any kind of disability,take care, Jo x

saltyseadog Wed 26-Aug-09 11:33:32

Hi Jo. Thanks .

I have to say I'm very in awe of you having 5!

The Bushbaby looks great - I'll have to go and take a look at it in a shop. I was totally underwhelmed by my Baby Bjorn last time, and obviously this time around I'll be more dependent upon it so I need to get something comfy. I have a feeling that dc2 will be permanently strapped to my front, poor child .

Thanks too for the other website - I've started to have a trawl through.

Jo5677 Wed 26-Aug-09 11:49:19

No worries,hope you find it of some interest,i think sites like that and this are great for parents to be able to swop experiences or info ( especially as i don't get out much lol).

I love having a big family,they're growing into a great little gang that i'm really proud of.
I've often found people think i'm a bit mad for having so many but i think each to their own. Also my eldest loves the entertainment that the her siblings provide and they're a great support for one and other. Having such a disabled sister has helped make them compassionate towards other's too.
So apart from the mountains of laundry and cooking and the odd days that go a bit pear shaped it's all good

lou031205 Wed 26-Aug-09 16:54:03

When I had DD2, DD1 was 20 months & not yet walking (she has SN, but not identified until 2.10). She finally walked at 23 months. I used a kari-me sling. I found having a basket of everything I might need in the lounge very helpful.

I had DD3 in April, and we have muddled through. DD1 is now 3.8, DD2 just turned 2 & DD3 is 4.5 months.

IUsedToBePeachy Wed 26-Aug-09 17:04:45

Cutting the crap is the moast significantly important thing- by crap I mean the extrs bits that really do not matter. Assess everything you do as 'if its clean, and tidy enough, does it need doing?'

Agree that a sling is useful; ds3 can walk but has little safety awareness so a tight hold isimportant (I also have ds1 AS, DS2 NT and 16 month old ds4)

When baby gets older a playpen so you can drop and run safely if needed, and lots of coffee.

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