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Help with reward system

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crace Wed 26-Aug-09 09:40:11

I have a nearly 13yo ASD boy, who has had a very difficult last year dealing with a nightmare scenario with secondary school, hormones etc etc and has been very difficult to deal with. He was stealing things, money, food - whatever, had to be under constant supervision and STILL difficult to keep a hold of.

I want to start this school year off on the right foot - he's going to a special school finally this term and they have a reward system in place in points, added up termly and they can go to the prize closet and chose something.

I want to do something like this at home - positive reward systems are the only thing that get through to him (bribing whatever) but I thought I would do it with things like xbox & computer time as he is very very very keen on both.

What is the best way to record this, how long - weekly?, and what catagories should I be basing this on..? I.e. music/games done by 8pm, in bed by whatever time, kind to his siblings, not being rude/swearing/slamming doors/screaming..

He is a great kid, he just needs a fresh start this year - my baby disappeared last year and it's been hard for us all.

Anyone done this before?

crace Wed 26-Aug-09 09:42:59

I meant to say also he responds best to something visual - he can't quite absorb it if we are talking to him, his processing is quite slow

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