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ASD and funny gait

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Plumbuddle Wed 26-Aug-09 01:34:46

Has anyone experience of helping a child to change their gait? My husband is worried about DS gait (aged 11) with flapping twirling hands as he walks along -- fears that he will be picked on when starting secondary school this sept. I asked our old OT and she said she could not think of how to help and I can't really get anywhere on what therapies are available by googling. Maybe they aren't even appropriate and it's a lost cause. Interested in anyone else's experience on this issue.

Jo5677 Wed 26-Aug-09 11:02:19

Hi,my son is almost 8 (he's on the autisitc spectrum somewhere) and does exactly the same thing.
Apart from trying to keep reminding him to put his hands/arms down i am at a loss to know what to really try to help him. Like you i've asked advice from proffessionals and looked around the net.
He occassionaly likes to keep things in his pockets which usually results in him keeping his hands in his pockets,but then as he often fiddels with his power ranger,money or whatever else he's put in his pockets it can then just look like he's constantly rumagaing through his pockets !
Good to see you've posted this as i will also be checking any replies you get.
Just kind of good to hear of someone else's son with a similar issue,sorry i've no advice/help to offer though, Jo x

Macforme Wed 26-Aug-09 16:27:54

My son is 12(ASD and MLD) and has a very awkward flap along gait. he had physio for years..still does now and again and nothing has worked to be honest.

The good thing is he is totally oblivious...(and in special school so he doesn't stand out!)

Is your son flapping at the top only (in which case something in the pockets is a good suggestion) or is he very uncoordianted walking too? If the latter than it wouldn't hurt to ask the GP/Paed for a referral to Paed Physios in case something simple like exercises or shoe inserts might help.


wraith Sun 30-Aug-09 00:20:58

heh aspergers my self and ateetotler, my own gait is wavy and i have ben stopped when i was a child by police asking if i had ben drinking..

my advice if its something es doing with hands, flapping or fiddling,reduce whats avalavb.e and make waht is avalable, something snesory like a keychain with different textures,

flapping he may grow out off through, aquired mimicing of behavior, same as hes likly to utilise correct cliches and idioms in the right way.

(they may not understand why it was funny, )

other then that patience

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